Vending Machine Happiness

Vending machines are the best.  In goes some money out comes an item.  Sometimes you know what is coming and sometimes it is a surprise.  And then sometimes you get jammed and want to drag the vending machine behind your car to the owner of said machine and ask for a refund.  I’ve never done that.  Promise.

Kids in particular love vending machines.  To watch a child marvel at the simple ingenuity and magic can muster up fond memories.

This is my nephew Kai with another vending machine groupie at our local TexMex joint.

While Kai’s father (Chef Greg) and I will come here to devour cheese enchiladas, Kai comes for the gum ball machine.  That and whatever cute little girl might be willing to help.  Well that’s not entirely true.  Kai is also a fan of chips and salsa.

Kai is such a fan of chips and salsa that if I didn’t know better I’d say he is giving me the impression that if I interfere with him eating his chips and salsa I can expect to have a fork jammed into my hand.  Hope Kai is just bluffing anyways.

Kai comes by his vending machine habit honestly.  His father was a habitual coin mooching vending machine cranking fanatic.  Greg never out grew his vending machine addiction.  He takes medication for it now.

There is a point in here that does pertain to chocolate.  I’ll get to it.

At Tejas Chocolate we have our very own vending machines.  In this shot Michelle is operating step one of our winnow process where we begin to remove the outer shell of cracked cocoa beans.  Enthusiasm is the only price to operate this vending machine.  No coins needed.

In the top goes cracked beans and this homemade winnower vends us mostly cleaned cocoa nibs.  Our vending machine is complete with pipe, shop vac, dampening switch, and copious amounts of duct tape.  The ladder is an optional accessory for the vertically challenged.

We do a lot of studying here at Tejas.  We can now confirm with great certainty that adults operating unique vending machines will feel like a kid.  Think I could get Michelle to stand on a ladder like this if it weren’t fun?  Exactly.

After completion of our winnowing process we use yet another vending machine, but that’s a topic for another day.

My best advice after a long day of vending machine appreciation: a glass of wine and a taste of dark chocolate to ease you into a comfortable place.

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