Under The Hood

This week had that “back to the grind” feel to it.


Back in the box went the Christmas Tree.


I was feeling pretty accomplished on that project as the lid was 98.5% closed.


I think we can live without the other 1.5%


Tuesday is a prep and production day for us.  Chocolate production starts up and the barbecue cooker gets going rain or shine.


A monkey wrench flew into our Tuesday plans on this first week of the year as Kris, our prep cook, was out sick.

Time for me to start boiling potatoes.


I grew up eating the potato salad we serve, but never made it before.  Not one time ever.  There was always someone who likes me that made it for me.

My grandmother made it the best, mom makes it spectacular, Michelle makes it equally as spectacular…a discussion I shall avoid for now.

Chef Greg made our heirloom potato salad into a commercial recipe that even I can follow.  Just a few ingredients simply done right and a great side is made.  After all, he grew up on this dish too. Our GammAnn would be proud.

Potato Salad from scratch

If you ate at our place Wednesday – Friday and had the potato salad, it was the batch I made.  Best ever right…I know.

We make everything on our menu from scratch.  All of our ingredients are delivered to us fresh and unprepared.  We are proud to be able to honestly tell you this.


This is true for our chocolate too.  It starts with raw pure ingredients like cocoa beans.


Cocoa Bean Delivery

Wednesday morning was all wet drippy.

IMG_4897It was the First hump day of the year, and people were slow to get humping.

Put a sock in it you perverts.

We got wind of a big group that was going to roll in for lunch on Thursday.

Last minute under the kitchen hood service strategy chats happened. Our team needed to make some adjustments so lunch service would flow smoothly.


Janie and Jacob got some coaching from Chef Greg during the calm before the storm.

Then the line came. People are gonna eat lunch when its time to eat lunch. That’s how lunch goes. Our job is to like it, love it, and want to serve some more of it.


That’s what we did.

Jacob took on the flat top toasting buns and tortillas with some gusto while Janie expedited tickets.


It was a great lunch rush. We fed a bunch and put some good food out the window. The Craftory was humming like we pictured it could.

Michelle and a special helper teamed up on the chocolate truffle production.


Tricia kept the truffle display loaded.


Trisha also made salted pecan dark chocolate brittle.  I sampled this one.

IMG_4926 (1)

Happy hour then came along and a card game broke out.


I asked what the game was and they told me twice and I still have no idea what the card game was.  I’m a slow learner.  Apparently the game was a good pairing with a Hopadillo. That part I picked up rather quickly.

During the calm hours on Friday I grabbed some pinto beans and added some cheese and green onions.  I was already craving New Years Day Hoppin John again so I did the next best thing since I didn’t have any fresh black eyed peas handy.


Man I enjoyed this dish.  The pintos in their subtly spicy broth with the melted white cheddar cheese and crispy green onion hit me just right.  Jacob said we should start selling pinto beans “loaded” and that’s what we did. This was an insta hit, so be sure the ask for your pinto beans to be loaded.

Saturday we introduced our quarter cut beef short ribs.


Photo By Nick Rama

Beef Short ribs are flavorful beef boulders of salty smoky peppery goodness.  Instead of going with the standard giant rib portion which is often more than a pound per rib, we have our butcher quarter the rib flat.


This allows us to sell you a sensible portion at a reasonable price point.

The rib quarters are then cut cross ways to serve.


One is a good snack or to add on with another meat.  Two of these with a side is a pretty solid meal.  They weigh about 1/4 pound each including the bone (your doggie will thank us later).

Three stacked like this should come with a side sofa.

I just felt the need to offer a short explanation on what the heck is going on here with our beef short ribs.  Just know that they are darn tasty, short, and available only on Saturday.

Thanks to all that came out to see us this week.

Cheers! Scott





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