Time to think

On Monday of this week, while I was at the Craftory getting ready for Tuesday’s lunch service I walked out the side door and heard a familiar sound. Since we are not open to the public on Monday I didn’t raise our flag that morning. The empty flag hooks rattling around in the breeze were making a pinging sound on the flag pole. It is one of those sounds that is hard to mistake for something else.


The empty flag pole reminds me of the summers when I was in elementary school. We’d ride our bikes around the play ground behind a quiet school. It always felt a little strange to be hanging around a closed school. A deserted town in a western movie was what I used to think of. An empty flag pole dinging in the wind takes me to those summers when life seemed simpler.


Me and two friends, from Houston also,  started the drive home from Baltimore, MD early on 9-13-2001. We had plenty of time to quietly think about the things we needed to think about during such a long drive. 9-11 made us revisit what’s truly important to us. At the time it seemed like nothing would be normal again.

When we got back to IAH airport to get our cars parked there for the week, the airport was like an abandoned flag pole. There were very little sounds, people, cars, or planes. It was the eeriest experience. You’re damn right I will always remember. I try to remember everyday just how fortunate I am to be an American and do what I do.

The Brave

It really felt great to see a big red fire truck parked out front Saturday morning.


Kids saw this, came outside to see, and an impromptu fire truck tour broke out before the fireman came inside for some breakfast tacos.

img_7409 img_7408

We see these guys and our police officers a lot at The Craftory. We are proud of them and are grateful for the work they do. I thought it was a classy move for them to spend a little time with the kids.

Some Regulars

Stan and Bradley have been regulars for a long time now. It was great to see them sporting their theme shirts for this school year.


LOL – live out loud is the word over at Salem Lutheran Church. I asked Stan if he came up with that theme.  He said he no but he is the theme delivery man and he’s bringing it strong.

A few months ago, I looked out from the counter and down the line to see a lady sticking her tongue out at me.  It cracked me up, she smiled, and told me she felt it was her duty to give me a hard time. Someone has to is her logic about giving me the bidness.

Vera has been coming to Tejas for a brisket & blues sandwich for sometime now. I took an opportunity to give her a hug the other day.


Vera raises rabbits for a living among other critters. She’s a hard working lady and was nervous about getting everyone in FFA the rabbits they need for their school projects. She pulled it off again this year.

Random Things

Wednesday evening I was catching up on some baseball. Evan Gattis started this season clean shaven. That’s a quality beard in less than 5 months is what I noticed while watching him come up to bat. This dude has beard talent.


On Thursday orders came flying into the kitchen at a brisk pace.


When tickets dangle from the printer pressure can mount. Chef Greg did the expediting. He’s great at it. Different items have different timing to the finish line. The goal is to have all items hit the tray when ready at the same time. Expediting tickets is a skill, an art, and a complicated thing to accomplish accurately.  I’d suck at this. Glad we have Chef Greg on this station when chaos hits the pan.

Chaos is a matter of perspective. For Michelle, me placing her credit card upside down back in her highly organized wallet is high entertainment for me.


I’m also known to put the money upside down in the cash drawer. Not only do I put money in upside down, but backwards too. That’s what Michelle tells me anyways when she’s not making new truffles which did this week again.


Tomball Tea Party is a dark chocolate truffle with earl gray tea in the ganache and mixed in with the cocoa powder coating. We used our 70% Bolivia chocolate which has nice earthy tones that compliments the subtle earthiness of the earl gray tea.

Back To Football

It was good to see some familiar faces back on my TV Thursday night.


Al Michaels is talking about retiring soon. It’s hard to image Sunday night football with out him on the call.

Our fantasy football draft was Tuesday night. I had to make some changes to my team name. The first year in this league my team was named Gandolf. We stunk up the joint, so the next year I renamed the team Scotty Football as Johnny was already taken. Scotty Football started its first season 0-8. Last year Scotty Football had the most points scored against than the other teams on the way to a third consecutive losing season. Wasn’t even close.

Heading into this year we learned that Scotty Football now has a lifetime ban from the league for violating the league’s substance abuse and conduct policy. Scotty Football is toast.

My team name this year is SeaBrisket. I’m feeling pretty good about my chances this year.


I’m hoping we get off to fast start as we are up against the league champion from last year, Grams Dragons. That’s mom. She will crush you in fantasy football. You want no part of that action. Trust me, but we do have a shot at taking her down with tonight if the Arizona D comes through for team SeaBrisket.

We are free to have this fun because brave people protect our liberties. The point 9-11 drives home the most for me is that when up against it all, we have each others back no matter our differences. I like knowing that and hope we can keep that in perspective when we argue about shit that doesn’t really matter.

Thanks to all that support our business. It means the world to us.

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott







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