The End Is Near

The last weekend of summer has come and gone. While I should be paying tribute to what the American worker does to make our country prosperous while grilling food and drinking beer, I instead selfishly pout about the end of summer. Yes I know that football season started and cooler weather is not far away, but soon I will no longer be able to comfortably slip into a pleasantly cool swimming pool while holding a well crafted whiskey drink at the end of my day. The end of summer is near as far as I’m concerned and I get a little bummed out about it. I like hot weather. I’m going to miss it.

Watching the Longhorns win last night while still savoring LSU and OU losses does take a little pain out of the end of summer I have to admit.

The neighbor behind me will be happy for the end of this summer. Ever since he and his wife decided that they hate trees and recently cut down a perfectly good natural privacy screen, I swim nude. I’m fairly certain they moved here from either LSU or OU. When I’m done with a refreshing dip in the pool, I am sure to towel off so that they may or may not get an accidental glimpse of me bending over to dry my ankles. The sight of a pasty white ass and old man balls is payback for killing a row gorgeous pine trees and taking away the squirrels for Handsome Gus to herd all day. Poor Gus, he really misses chasing squirrels.

The days are already getting shorter. I pushed back the flag raising until 7:00 am so I can enjoy a morning sky that looks like this one did on Tuesday.


Some of my other favorite sites in the morning are sunlight washing over smoked sausage and tin foil splattered with puddles of rendered pork fat.

IMG_7370 IMG_7332

One morning this week, I came out the back door headed for the cooker and found a family of Mexican Whistling Ducks stuck by the alley gate.


I watched as the ducks walked past the barbecue cooker and turned towards the alley. It sort of startled me at first. I hear them squeaking up in the trees all the time, but I hadn’t been this close to these ducks before. Then I wondered if they had expected the gate to be open. Had they taken this route before and I missed it is what I was contemplating at the time.

Getting over to the gate to open it without getting mauled by defensive duck parents is what I wanted to do. I figured if things went poorly we’d have us a duck dinner. Wings flapped, feathers flew, and ducks yelled at me, but the gate got open.


I managed to catch a little video of their departure. Video of the gate opening would have been more entertaining but I was busy.

After the ducks moved over into the neighbors yard, we later found one that had taken a detour and got himself stuck up under the cooker.


Michelle put this little guy back with the others and it seemed to work, but she did get yelled at in the process of doing so. Yelled at by the ducks, not me.

If your are curious about these Whistling Ducks check out this link. They do mate for life, and hatch babies between April and August. Then they migrate only if the mood strikes them. It’s pretty funny to see them land on the high wires with their webbed feet. It’s not the most graceful balancing act you’ll see…a duck on a power line…cracks me up.

Michelle was feeling inspired this week. She created a new chocolate truffle for us that she named Cherry Fluff (there’s her history of attending Grateful Dead concerts in play here). Cherry Fluff starts with a 70% dark chocolate and uses her own cherry marshmallow swirled into the ganache.


After rolling and hand dipping the truffle and setting it on toasted pistachio, the truffle got more cherry marshmallow and a chocolate covered macerated cherry on top.


The Cherry Fluff is ooey gooey dark chocolate sticky crunchy happiness.


When Michelle finds the time to create, look out.

On Friday night we offered up a chicken dinner special.


A half chicken and two sides for $12.00 starting at 5:00 PM on Friday evening is something we are going to offer for a little while anyways. We had a few left over, so I took one home Friday, sat in front of the TV and just enjoyed the heck out of a barbecue chicken dinner. I think its a good deal at twelve bucks to be honest about it.

You might have noticed that we have some new beverage signage. My favorite is the yellow Shiner pig. It sort of puts me in the mood for some ribs and a cold Shiner Bock.


Saturday morning was a whole mess of fun. Tacos were flying out the window with one of our best Saturday mornings yet. I love the buzz in the building in the morning. My grandson Noah came over and watched his mommy and daddy knock down a few tacos.


I’ve been telling Noah to keep his hands and feet away from his mommy’s mouth while she’s eating breakfast tacos. I think he sees that now.

Chris Clements ate these tacos.


He forgot his phone so I offered to help out with the foodie picture. Then I forgot to text it too him later. I did manage to snag a brisket taco for myself later and sure did enjoy it.

Saturday was busy with barbecue and chocolate again. The building was filled with people inside and out.

IMG_7375 IMG_7376 IMG_7374

We sure do appreciate the business everyone. Happy Labor Day and we hope to see you again soon.

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott




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