The Craftory 2.0

You may have heard, this chocolate business thing we’ve been doing is growing.  So much so that we decided to move the chocolate craftory into a more suitable location.  A location designed to showcase craft chocolate and good food.

Or maybe you haven’t heard, so in either case here is an update for you.


This is a happy picture.

This was taken by our new Landlord on the day we put down a deposit on the space that is the future home of The Craftory.

That was August 14th, but lets not dwell on it now being the middle of January.  I turned 51 waiting for this space to be ready.  Ha.

Moving right along.

What is The Craftory you might ask?

The word Factory seems a little industrial for a small chocolate making facility like ours.  We craft chocolate, and being a gifted sniglet craftor I coined the name The Craftory. It seems to have stuck with the good people of Tomball.

The Craftory is a place where craft foods are produced.  Lots of places could be called The Craftory, but I proclaim that I am the first to use this term whether that is true or not.

The Tejas Chocolate Craftory will be located at:

200 N Elm Street Tomball, TX 77375

Our Craftory is the oldest structure in Old Town Tomball.  It’s known by locals as the Hoffman House originally built in 1907.

There are some really cool original features like Mr. Hoffman’s study for example.


The wood in the room is interesting.

Try to focus on the back wall and ceiling.

Disregard the pile of construction debris on the floor.

We are told that will be removed before we move in there.

Just imagine your self booking The Craftory Study for a special occasion.


Those double doors will open to a sweet covered deck area outside.


Like this.

Same deal on the construction debris, so…

Picture yourself working on a classic sipping chocolate while the shade from Elm trees keep you cool.

Then there is this brick column inside after you enter the front door and look left.


That’s the front room looking over towards where the retail counter will be and the kitchen door.

Here’s a look at the kitchen.


It’s long and skinny.  There could be some belly bumping in here, but there is room to craft some good food.


In the room behind this door is where we plan on doing all the tempering and molding.

 It will be easier to climate control this space.

We think.


Here is the inside looking back at the door from the outside deck.

The cool looking light fixtures look even cooler in person.


This staircase doesn’t exist.

It ascends to a office made from an attic space.

A certain degree of balance and coordination is required to get up to the office.

We will have great fun putting a desk up there.  A real good time.


This is a middle room looking towards the front door past that staircase that isn’t there.


Through this window is where the main dining room will be located.

That’s right, we’re going to be serving some food in there.  The plan is for you to come learn about chocolate and have some lunch at The Craftory.

We will attempt to pull from our years of barbecue enthusiasm, and serve you something great on a butcher paper lined tray.

We might be able to be talked into a special occasion dinner on a Friday or Saturday night just for kicks.

Perhaps something fun, different and delicious.

I’ll try to keep you posted on our progress from this point forward.

Cheers! Scott

4 Responses to “The Craftory 2.0

  • Diana Roe
    3 years ago

    Enjoyed the article in The Woodlands Villager. Great that you will not be moving too far away and that you are expanding your offers to BBQ! Best wishes!!

  • Scotty Gallagher
    3 years ago

    Looks like great fun, know it will go well.

  • Beth Zarra
    3 years ago

    Looking forward to visiting at the new space! You and Michelle doing a great job. ( and I love the pic of the window…)

  • Donna Westberry
    3 years ago

    Wow, I love it, cant wait to watch it progress to becoming your Craftory…….!!! I have a visual !! Good Luck, and I know this will become as awesome as yall are……..

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