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We hit the pause button towards the end of this last week.  With Christmas on a Friday we decided to also close on Saturday for lots of good reasons.

IMG_4778 (1)

We took some time to think about what matters the most.

For Michelle and I, it was time to celebrate the good news of Jesus Christ.


We spent time with family and friends to soak up the ways we are blessed.

Even when it was watching my two daughters lay in a hospital bed. One sick and the other not willing to leave her side.

On the left is Chelsea.  She wasn’t feeling to sporty so I brought her a bag of chocolate peppermint bark.  It seemed to help as we were fortunate enough to get her out of there Christmas Eve so she could enjoy Christmas morning with her boys.


That’s McKenzie on the right. While it may look like she swallowed a basketball that would actually be Noah Kingston who we look forward to welcoming into the world in February.

McKenzie was not able to get up out of this bed without assistance.

On Christmas Eve I happened to catch a foggy morning at The Craftory.


Love those foggy glows.


The stillness of Old Town Tomball was beautiful.

And at that moment as Jane Wild over at The Doughs and I have chatted about this before, a train came barreling through the morning fog.


Sound and light, muted by the heavy air, gave way to rumbles and vibration.

The experience made me pause and ponder sensory perspective.


The train was gone again, and the quiet foggy morning returned to North Elm Street.


A peaceful moment was my reward for the early start on this particular day.

May peace and blessings be with you and your families.


Hope to see you around soon.

Cheers! Scott

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