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Wednesday morning while I was in the back of the kitchen seasoning meats for the day I heard Matt Patrick on the radio raving about the sunrise, so I took a peak out front and found one of those skies with colors only God can deliver. Hard to capture the brilliance of it all with an iPhone so take my word for it.  Man, I do adore a sunrise. I can only imagine how amazing the view was from Matt Patrick’s high rise seat in Houston. A sunrise over an ocean view is my personal favorite. Coral and purple skies up and over a sleepy Old Town Tomball ain’t all bad though. That’s what I’m working with these days and I’ll take it.


I grew up playing baseball and golf so I love the first week in April when Major League Baseball opens and The Masters takes place. Our current Houston Astros are an entertaining bunch to watch. They’re off to a slow start, but they do play with big league skills and little league enthusiasm. I’m looking forward to following along again this season.

The Masters is the one golf tournament a year that is a must watch for me. Our good Texan Jordan Spieth was the defending champion this year. Unfortunately, Amen Corner got the best of him right when he looked like a lock for back to back championships. The Sunday back nine at The Masters lived up to its usual drama once again.

Something to note about Jordan. Not only is he a young impressive golfer from Texas he’s also a great role model. Billy Schiel sent me this article about Jordan and his faith. It’s a nice read. He’s got a great perspective on the important things. One of the cruel things about sports is that right after a heart breaking defeat a reporter shoves a camera in your face and asks how losing felt. It takes some serious inner strength to candidly answer questions while honestly owning failure. Not sure how many modern day sport professionals have that kind of grace inside them. I tip my hat to Jordan Spieth.

In early April you can put a little sunshine on your back during a cool crisp morning for a pretty sweet coffee sipping moment. That toasty feeling running down my spine sure felt nice.


As I eased out of the shadows of The Black October, I could see a sun splashed front yard.


I was trying to figure out how life gets any better. A cool sunny day, a picnic table, friends & family, barbecue, chocolate, and craft beer is the stuff worth taking time out for is how I was seeing it anyways. I am a fortunate one.

This week’s ingredients for good times were measured and perfectly balanced for Craftory happiness. Lindsey, a naturalized Tomball Texan, brought her 6 week old Texan Ira along with her family visiting from Indiana by for a barbecue & chocolate lunch. They really seemed to enjoy their afternoon together.


We always feel honored when the locals bring their out of town guests in to The Craftory. I can’t think of a more sincere compliment. Lindsey and Dan have been regulars since we opened. They took a break while giving birth to Ira. I reckon we are okay with that.

More great visitors this week were:

Robert and Linda are great, but their 442 is righteous. We are currently negotiating pounds of barbecue for driving privileges.

I just noticed that Michelle’s Subaru Outback photo bombed our muscle car visitor.

Speaking of photo bombing, our fence provides a great backdrop for photo shoots.

IMG_5649Folks are always welcome to have The Craftory lend a helping hand for making special occasion pictures. “Just use it” is our policy on our outdoor photo studio.

Speaking of policy, we always enjoy having Tomball’s Mayor Gretchen Lewis visit us. Michelle got herself a new spring time do this week and suddenly looks related to our Mayor.


When Michelle wasn’t chatting city politics she was rolling out our new Salted Caramel chocolate truffle.

The first batch didn’t last a day, so Michelle got right back to work on a double batch. The lightly salted caramel in the ganache made for a chocolate truffle as good as it looks.

Earlier in the week a customer picked up 80 truffles for a special event.


We’re guessing this party tray got them in the door okay.

The chocolate truffles are so good that people came running for more.

IMG_5676Others used whatever mode of transportation they could find to get here fast.


Then someone told me it was Tomball’s 8th annual Bunny Run that had people running all over the dad gum place. Heard someone call it a fun run.

Fun Run? That is sort of like ordering extra lean brisket, or chocolate cake without chocolate. That’s just my entitled unbiased opinion of a theoretical experience by a small crowd of resident aliens that clearly misunderstood the bitter sweet pleasure of teasing a FB troll found missing from a group growing smaller. I kid of course. 🙂 Bonus points for the oxymoron count.

One thing that can make even a militant pacifist loudly whisper good grief is a pile of burnt ends and or pork spare ribs. No kidding.

We ran out of S’more Bites again. Just remember that these are too small to count calories, so don’t beat yourself up about it okay.


I found this giant bowl of bacon in the kitchen.


There really isn’t much of a point at this point in this post for a bacon picture other than THIS IS a bowl of bacon, and bacon does make everything better including blog posts. Don’t get stuck here for too long. There’s more to the post below.

Last week I noted how much I appreciated our sandwiches. I got to enjoy another beauty this week.


Order smoked turkey, add sausage, and dress it the way you like. For me it was jalapeno, pickled red onion, and our green Verde Q sauce.

The bark on our turkey is loaded with flavor. You should take a closer look.


Speaking of good looks, look at our chocolate pushers. Aren’t they awesome. Emily and April help keep Michelle in the chocolate room. We finally got around to adding some wall art too. This room is looking spiffier is what I was thinking. Norman, a new employee that started this week, helped Michelle hang the pictures while I advised on their location. Michelle was very receptive to my suggestions on spacing. Michelle was so impressed with my contribution to the picture hanging she suggested a space where I could place my head. That was thoughtful of her.


Before I move on to the #thecraftory picture of the week, I’ve been meaning to provide a link to this nice Public News article Nick Rama wrote about our business. Nick did a bang up job with this story as he does with so many. Nick is a good friend of Tejas and a great advocate for independent businesses all over the area. Thank you Nick for helping the area’s many small businesses connect with more people!

There are those times when our eyes are bigger than our appetite and we order more than we can eat at one sitting. Gretchen Lewis did just that. She took left overs home to create a nice dish which won me over for the picture of the week.


Gretchen made shrimp and grits stacked with beef short ribs. Lets call it Earth, Sea, and Fire. I really appreciated this fresh take on a classic surf & turf dish. You see…Michelle is from Panama City, FL. She can make shrimp and grits like no other. Adding beef short rib seems like something a Good Texan would do. I thought this is a great combination. Nice shot Gretchen. You have $10 coming to you for your next visit.

A great week was had thanks to all of you. See ya around the hood.

Cheers! Scott






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  • Great newsletter Scott. Thoroughly enjoyed the “play on” words and photos. See you soon. Keep it coming.

    Robb Condrey

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