Stout Milk Chocolate

Stout Milk Chocolate – A Milk Chocolate with Character

Brown Label

Brown Label


Now available from us are three cocoa loaded milk chocolates that we like to call our Brown Label Series. These are milk chocolate bars with more cocoa solids than a typical milk chocolate.  The term dark milk chocolate is often used to describe this kind of extra intense milk chocolate. We like to call ours Stout Milk Chocolate. It’s our way of making someone pause and ponder what a stout milk chocolate might be like.  It’s not a beer, a big person, or a strong defense.

Stout Milk Chocolate is a chocolate with massive cocoa flavor and you heard it here first.

The milk chocolate genre for us began with the discovery of an excellent quality milk suitable for using in the making of milk chocolate.  Once we received this milk the wheels started turning.  We will be adding new bars to the Brown Label series soon.

For now we have three stout milk chocolate bars.

Tres Leches – many of you are familiar with this chocolate before we made the change in our milk ingredient.  Better isn’t it.  We still use three milks for this bar: Whole Milk, Coconut Milk, and Heavy Cream.  The cocoa content is 55%.  There are creamy rich notes with a hint of tropical happiness in the coconut.

Good Life – This is a single origin chocolate.  We use cocoa from Venezuela when making this milk chocolate.  The cocoa content is 55%.  We named it Good Life because there is a malty note that reminds us of the chocolate covered malt balls we used to eat at the movies as kids.

Camp Fire –  This is a single origin chocolate.  We use cocoa beans from Papua New Guinea for this milk chocolate with 60% cocoa.  The beans in PNG tend to pick up a smokiness when they are being dried and that flavor shows up in the chocolate.  When we add some milk, we get a note that reminds us of a fire toasted marsh mallow on a clear summer night down by our river camp.

Chef Greg likes to call these bars Gateway Chocolates.  A milk chocolate lover can enjoy a stronger chocolate while a dark chocolate lover might find a milk chocolate not to sweet for their taste.

That is our definition of Stout Milk Chocolate anyways.

Cheers! Scott



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