We’re running a business out of a house originally constructed in 1907, so there are some quirks with the building that keep things interesting. For example; before we opened last October we would occasionally hear a creepy groaning sound.


It would weird us out until I discovered it was a water pipe in the wall that groaned when someone would turn on an outside faucet. Air in the pipes hadn’t completely escaped after all the plumbing work we did to a house more than 100 years old.

Lots of people want to know what is up stairs. It us a curious staircase.


During the construction phase we decided that we could use an office.


At the top of a narrow steep stair case is an attic space converted into an office. There are two windows that look out over Commerce Street.


When I headed up those stairs Tuesday morning, I had forgotten that Michelle just decorated the windows.


When I opened the door at the top of the stairs and turned right to look out the window, I enjoyed a pretty good startle and laugh. You can see the skull faces from Commerce Street if you want to.

Saturday was Zomball over at the Tomball Depot. Tomball started filling up with ghosts and goblins around 5:30 in the evening. My two grandsons Ethan and Parker got dressed up for the night.


Saturday there were many goblins observed from the front porch at The Craftory. Since we close at 5:00 on Saturday, Greg, Michelle, and I sat out on the front porch, had a drink, reflected on the week, and watched the crowd head over to the Tomball Depot.

One of the things we were chatting about were all the trains headed north this week. Trains are usually going south towards Houston. That is in part why Tomball had a depot back in the day when getting a train depot was a big deal for a small town like ours. From Tomball it is gently down hill to Houston, so trains use less energy rolling south. Trains like that.

Heading north is more work for a train, but they’ll do it anyways. Last week seemed heavy on the North Bounders.  We felt like their were a lot more north bound trains last week for some reason. Maybe we should do Michelada shots or something when a norther happens.

Up in our office you can feel the building move when a train goes screaming past.


I took this snap shot from a video I captured using  my iPad mini by sticking my arms through the black wrought iron fence between the parking lot and the tracks. Standing ten feet or less from a freight train that’s moving south about 50 MPH will make you feel alive let me tell you. Your bones will vibrate. Try it sometime. Then come eat to help you settle down a bit.

We never really came up with a final conclusion on the north bound train topic. It was just front porch stuff to chat about over a drink. When you hear a train look to see which way its headed so we can chat about it, but not until after the train is gone. You can’t hear yourself think when a train is going by The Craftory. Makes it hard to have a chat about anything much less whether or not there are more north bound trains than normal.

One thing that happened during the week that was easy to chat about was that one or our regulars asked us to use a $20 gift card towards buying police officers a lunch. There’s not much startling about this happening again. I’ve seen Tomball citizens do this for our officers several times. It says something nice about Tomball is how I see it.


The officers told me they really really appreciated this gesture of support. I saw what this gesture meant to them, and it was sincere.

We added a couple of meat options to the line up this week.

Jalapeno Cheddar sausage made its debut on Friday night.


Picture by Chris Clements

This sausage is spiced right with a nice touch of cheese. I believe it was a big enough hit to make it a regular option on your sausage ordering decisions.

That’ll go like this:

You – I’ll have a 1/2 pound of sausage please.

Us – Would you like regular or jalapeno cheese?

You – Which one is better?

Us – That’s up to you, but one is spicier than the other.

You – Okay thanks, I’ll have the jalapeno cheese pretty please, and may I leave you a tip?

We are known for our beef rib shorties. They are essentially a 1/3rd cut of a beef rib. Like this one.


This week we thought it would be cool to smoke a few giant beef short ribs like this 1.3 lb monster.


We use the 3 bone plate for these giant ribs.


Just one of the ribs will barely fit in a to go box. That’s a good thing. When you get home with a giant rib in a box, your friends will be envious. They’ll want to know where you got a giant rib like that.


Beef ribs are touch pricey, but they are delicious. A big one like in that box is about $28.00, but someone sitting nearby is liable to exclaim “holy crap, look at that beef rib”.  That could easily happen and that’s worth a little something.

The 1/3 cuts are about $9.00. The little ones get you a nice taste of beef rib that can be plenty for many folks, but the giant ones will give your dog more reasons to love you.


There was more than one dog hanging around hoping their master had the good sense to get a large beef bone.


We’ll decide this week if we want to stick with just the 1/3rd cut or continue to mix in a limited number of the full monster beef short ribs.

Pork belly was a hot item this week. Here is a look at some seasoned pork belly right before hitting the cooker.


We ran out of pork belly early almost everyday last week. Perhaps its a response to what we served at The Woodlands BBQ festival with our pork belly burnt ends. Either way, pork belly is coming on strong.

We found out late in the week that Houston Press, in their annual Best of Houston article, named us Best Ribs 2016. Our pork spare rib program has gone through many tweaks in seasoning and method as we kept trying to make them better. I think we have a solid pork rib program these days. so its nice to get some recognition for that.


Sun splashed pork spare ribs about to come off the cooker always makes for a quality barbecue photograph.

We were invited this week to participate in the 2nd annual Houston Barbecue Throwdown. This is a barbecue competition with 14 area bbq joints participating. The event is on Sunday November 20th at Saint Arnold Brewery. There is a judges winner and a peoples choice winner. I’m told it sells out early so if you are interested grab your tickets here.  Don’t mess around as tickets will sell out. You can taste barbecue entries from as many teams as you can handle, and drink beer at Saint Arnold.

Is there a better day possible is what I was wondering right after receiving the details of the event upon being invited to participate in the throwdown for 2016.

The beer hall during the 2015 Houston Barbecue Throwdown at Saint Arnold looked like this.


Picture by Brian Norton

Brooks Place won the judging with their beef oxtail, and Corkscrew BBQ won peoples choice with their brisket taco. We’ll have to bring it to hang with these exceptional barbecue joints.

Fantasy Nightmare Football

As manager for SeaBrisket I made the startling mistake of sitting Arizona D. What a dumb ass. Especially when my D was playing against the team with this sausage as their backup QB.


Arizona D killed this dip shit’s team. I had them on the bench. That was an error in fantasy football decision making. Team SeaBrisket announced to the press that they have put their coach on the hot seat and will review his contract at the end of the year.

I need R. Cobb to have a big night to take the heat off. THROW IT TOO COBB! Please Rodgers. Throw it to Cobb.

Lets end this mess with barbecue art.


We give you a barbecue canvas and ingredients to make it your own. Just add you. Startle your taste buds.

Finally, perhaps you picked up on this, but we will be one year old next Friday 10-14. That was the day we opened The Craftory.

A year already. That was fast.

Cheers! Scott





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