Sounds Like Old Town

When I walk around in the morning hours at The Craftory it’s typically pretty quiet. As I’m outside tending to the cooker, I might catch an early distant warning that a train is barreling down on Old Town Tomball before I have to tune the train out when it arrives. Some mornings it is the sound of cars, pickup trucks, and 18 wheelers gracefully and not so gracefully crossing the railroad tracks at main street that catch my ear. I like the sounds of a new day. Last week, sounds of water drips claimed the mornings.

As perfect blue smoke streamed out the top of the cooker, water dripping off a light bulb glimmered in the forefront. The prismatic color grabbed my attention. The reflections inside the bulb looked like a scene from a snowy forest in Rivendell. The patio light bulb was looking rather whimsical that morning. It’s all a matter of what I focused on in that moment. That and this flipping killer portrait setting on the iPhone 7. You can take some sick pics with an iPhone 7. It makes me want to buy a real camera and learn how to take some real photos like a real photographer and all.

Rain drops were making sounds in lots of ways last week.

At the intersection of 2920 & 2978, crashing rain let me know I was going to get wet lighting the fire.

I did have a dry wood pile under a tarp to get the cook started thankfully, but the dull sound of water splashing on wood was more attractive than water ricocheting off plastic fibers. Damp conditions, barbecue fires, and wet patios made for a pleasant scene one morning. It’s really not a scene you’d expect to see in Old Town Tomball…until we got here anyways.

We have a cool patio, rain or shine, I think.

Black coffee is always welcome into my morning routine. Black coffee on a cool damp morning tastes better. That’s just a fact.

There were plenty of perfect coffee sipping weather moments this week. It seemed like it rained everyday. The sun was all but a memory. The seasonal lake in our front yard was back.

The weather was to blame for a pretty quiet Tuesday. These warm wet January days make me want to scratch my head about the weather these days. I’m wondering if we all are going to need some time on a sofa.

The weather doesn’t really seem to matter to Billie the alley cat. One morning she’s going that way.

The next morning she’s looking over the other way. Billie is an alley guard.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday you came regardless of the rain.

Rainy weather is only going to slow down barbecue eaters and chocolate monsters for so long.

As the winds were drifting subtly across the alley all week, we flooded our neighbors with sweet post oak in the mornings.

And in the afternoons too.

I’d feel sorry for him, but he is within a short walk to some pretty decent barbecue and chocolate.

You came to enjoy well rendered brisket.

You came to eat chicken on the bone.

And when you arrived you found a surprise like a taco filled with beef short rib, red jalapeno bacon sauce, and frizzled leeks.

A beef rib was never more tasty nor were the leeks more frizzled.

On Saturday some came back home sporting pig shirts from the pacific,

and some drove over with special companions.

The Hooch knows where to park on a busy Old Town Saturday.

When Saturday was done and the parking lot cleared alley cat Billie cheered me on to go find a good sip.

Michelle and I took Billie’s advice and went nearby for a well made Old Fashioned cocktail.

While sipping on a hand crafted whiskey drink with a front row view of a wood fired pizza oven it’s hard to resist advising the oven tender about how he should tend to his fire.

Michelle and I ran into and visited with several of our regulars hanging out at Bonfire. I’m pleased as punch to have such well made whiskey nearby. Bonfire was a vibrant relaxing end to our week. I told Jody and Chef Eduardo that it sure is fun watching someone else working from deep in the weeds. They wuz humming when we called it a night.

Bonfire is a nice scene on main street. Old Town continues to grow as an eating destination. I hope the trend continues and continues.

We shall see you again soon if you’re willing.

Cheers! Scott




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  • chris montgomery
    1 year ago

    Those short rib tacos were incredibly good.

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