Road Trip

What is it exactly that qualifies as a road trip anyways?  Is it the miles traveled, the days covered, form of transportation, or the points of interest along the way that define your trip as a road trip? According to this discussion on Trip Advisor it’s mostly about the interesting things along the way.  I tend to agree.

This week seemed to be about road trips and the people taking them.

On Monday, I myself had a quick little road trip into Houston to deliver 300 LBS of cocoa nibs to Karbach Brewery for a beer they are crafting.  Craft Breweries and the things made at them I find to be interesting.  A road trip for me indeed.


On a sunny Tuesday,  Fourth graders at The Honor Roll School left Sugar Land, TX on a road trip to visit our Chocolate Craftory.


They learned about the craft chocolate making process and had a chopped brisket sandwich. Talk about a field trip.

Michelle had company at the chocolate counter for a while.


It’s hard to beat a cool crisp morning while the sun toasts you up, and that’s what happened on Wednesday.


A sunny day can put a person in the mood to get outside and eat some barbecue.

IMG_4956 IMG_4968

The mood can even turn to having a beer with some happy hour eats.


A sunny day will distract you from your plans, like me talking about road trips.

Back to the story.

We had a fellow roll into The Craftory on Saturday who makes a living writing about road trips and their points of interest.  Texas Monthly’s Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn stopped in to check us out.  The dude gets paid to eat barbecue and write about it.  He does both very well, and deserves much credit to the expansion of great Texas barbecue here and far.  Daniel is an informative and enlightening follow as BBQSnob on Instagram and Twitter. You’ll learn something and get hungry scrolling through his feed just so you know.  I recommend it highly.

Daniel had nice things to say about us on Twitter after his visit.  We thank him for that.



Photo by Daniel Vaughn

It feels nice to get compliments about our barbecue.  When it comes from a guru like Texas Monthly Magazine’s Barbecue Editor it feels a little extra special.

Fist bump


Daniel had is family with him so we did a little chocolate tour as part of their road trip.

They say it’s not the destination but the journey that makes a trip special.  On a road trip its about the destinations along the way that make the trip worth it I reckon.

It just so happened to be that the day The Vaughn family visited us it was my birthday.

01/16/16 has symmetry to it is what I was thinking.  My morning started with cards from my doggies. I have a border collie and he’s pretty darn smart okay.


In 1964 Dallas, TX had a monster snow storm which is when I decided to get mom and dad out of bed to bring me into this world.  That night, Dad’s road trip to the hospital included waking up a gas station attendant who quickly filled up the car so they didn’t have to deliver a baby at a gas station.  In 1964 self serve gas was still an idea on some CEO’s desk.

Right on cue for this week we had another chilly rainy Saturday.  It didn’t matter much this time because, for the second straight Saturday we sold out of barbecue.  I’m not a fan of telling people we can’t feed them, so we will work towards increasing our volumes for you.

As the day wrapped up, Michelle, Greg, and Jacob gave me a hand crafted birthday card.


I got 4 out of 5 stars for the week.  That’s still pretty solid I’d say.

Thanks again to all who made us part of their road trip this week.

Cheers! Scott

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