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On Sunday mornings, my dogs turn the table on me. During the week’s early mornings I’m the one disturbing their rest as I slip out the door before they are willing to get up off their memory foam to wish me a good day. Every once in awhile I look over at our border collie Handsome Gus to catch him quickly closing his eyes pretending to still be asleep. It’s like he feels bad that I have to get up early. One morning I thought I caught him with a little grin as he watched me navigate around the dog chew he left in my path to the bathroom. Border collies are pretty sharp I know, but you’d think I’d get a little more respect for saving his furry ass from the end of his days.

Cooper Brown Dog on the other hand is not ashamed to look me dead in the eye and roll back onto his pillow as if too say “don’t forget to pick up dinner on the way home” while he yawns back to sleep.

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like when adult food buzz words creep into pet food stores it’s a good sign that us humans will fall for just about anything.


About the only difference I see between Whole Foods and Petco is that Whole Foods at least has the decency to give you a shopping cart with a cup holder for a beer. When I get out of Petco for less than a Whole Foods trip it’s a successful shopping day. The cynic in me wants to taste these dog chews to see if I can pick up on that grass fed beef flavor. Cooper Brown Dog tells me he can totally taste the difference which is why on Sunday when I try to sleep past his morning snack time he will badger me and Michelle until he gets his way. Who’s the superior species again?

Here is the stuff I saw around The Craftory this week:


Officer Williams and Michelle were discussing the joy of pure lemonade…I think.


For Saturday we decided to make it a strawberry lemonade.

IMG_0010 IMG_0014

Strawberry lemonade on a hot July day is simply refreshing. We gave this a stir after taking a minute to enjoy the contrasting colors.

Michelle filled the chocolate display with a couple more purely delightful treats with her Bananas Foster and Jalapeno Fig dark chocolate truffles.

IMG_6752 IMG_6758 IMG_6755 IMG_6756

The chocolate display looked exceptionally great this week.

Saw this butterfly hanging out with me on Monday. Haven’t seen one that color before. About that time, Heart’s song Dog & Butterfly came over the speakers.


I had this mental picture of Copper Brown Dog struggling to move off his air conditioned memory foam perch to find his way out the doggie door into the hot backyard to take care of his business. That thought took me back to that intelligent species question again. At least I get to poop in the AC is where I figured we win.

Speaking of the backyard, ever see one of those clouds of gnats dancing around in the sun rays?


Take my word for it. It was cool and not easy to capture in a picture no matter how I tried. This was my Tuesday evening entertainment. Pure fun is what that was.

Had a good time trying to figure out why Mel’s Diner Delivery was parked out front.


I never solved that little mystery, but I am darn happy to learn Mel’s delivers. I love their beef tips on rice.

We don’t deliver food, but I will deliver some food inspiration for you. I had this sandwich on Wednesday.

IMG_6743 IMG_6748

I called it the White Meat stack. Smoked turkey and pork belly made for a handsome and tasty sandwich. That sauce you see is what happens when you mix our house red and mustard sauces.

It’s hot and humid these days. You probably noticed. One thing that noticed the weather very clearly is our cacao tree.


The Theobroma Cacao is feeling right at home. It is year two for this tree.

Unadulterated joy can come from children.

IMG_6768 IMG_6770

They can look right through you. Then my grandson Noah looks at me like a grown man who just found out we still have some brisket burnt ends available.

Some kids like to point and laugh at the way their daddy dresses.

IMG_6772 hobsfash

That’s little Wyatt in his mamma’s arms. If you want to feel inspired by how the power of a positive outlook and diet can crush cancer check out Tanya’s blog here. She’s a walking miracle is what she is. Tanya and Michelle both have their cancer beat down stories to tell. It’s pretty strong stuff is what I’m saying. If you know someone who has beat cancer you know what I’m talking about.

I’ll wrap up this weeks post with a little preview seen here first. For Tomball night this year we will be staying open later than usual. We will be open to 9:00 pm that night. A slider special will be on tap for Tomball night. Pulled pork and brisket sliders for $7.00 or 1 slider for $4.00. We will also have sausage on a stick for $4.00 each.


Tomball Night feels like its very own special fourth of July celebration. Families are out on a Friday night enjoying their town and fireworks. We’re excited about being a participating sponsor this year.

Another splendid week happened. Thanks for the support folks. It means a lot to us.

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott






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