Project Brick Oven Chocolate Update #2

We finally have some progress to mention on the brick oven project.  The metal frame and stand is pretty much complete now.  A tweak here and there, and it will be time to set our reclaimed “Houston Reds” bricks in mortar.  Then we can get on with fire roasting cacao in a brick oven.  We were starting to lay out the brick design the way we wanted and took a minute to snap a photo or two.

The black steel and red brick is making for a pretty cool color contrast.  Of course all we are really concerned with is getting a good roast inside there.  But we are pretty happy that our cacao roaster will look a lot like a Texas BBQ smoker.

Speaking of smoke, we added a place to pipe in a smoker box for future Texas style chocolate creations.  Then again we just might smoke a brisket or a whole hog for that matter while waiting for roasted cocoa beans to refine.


As soon as we find a little time we’ll get this brick oven project done, and see how much flavor we can develop during our roasting.  Super excited about the potential for something unique and interesting.

Something just doesn’t look right.   Any guesses?

The brick oven roaster is on wheels so we can scoot it around all over the place.  Perhaps we should consider a bean to bar chocolate making mobile operation.

That would be different.

That would be hard.

Never mind.

We’ll stick to improving our chocolate making in a brick and mortar location.


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