Whistling Dixie


There are times when sitting around daydreaming, and looking at the world through rose colored glasses is just what a hurried soul requires. In case you’ve not found time to sit back and whistle you some Dixie, we are here for you. Science has shown that chocolate is one of natures great mood enhancers. A few of the nearly thousand identifiable compounds in cacao is known to help folks view their glasses as being half full.

To make matters better, we dress this chocolate bar with one of the all time great time killers…sunflower seeds.  Only we did the shelling for you.

While easing into Whistling Dixie mode you’ll find a velvety chocolate with a thought provoking salty and sweet crunch.  This will help you enjoy things like giggling kids, baseball parks, and afternoon strolls.

You are now free to move about your daydreams.


70% Dark Chocolate – Cacao, Pure Cane Sugar, Whole Vanilla Bean
Roasted and Salted Texas’ own Sun Kissed Sunflower Seeds.

The Mourning Doves will have to mosey on along.


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