“Concepcion” Tasting Square – single origin Venezuela


From the tropical lowlands of Venezuela comes a cocoa bean with a robust chocolate flavor.  One of the oldest cacao growing regions in the world is Sur del Lago, the cocoa bean for our 80% dark chocolate bar Concepcion.  This is a bold, but not overly bitter extra dark chocolate.  Pleasant flavors of toasted cashew and toffee mingle with a deeply rich chocolate.  This is a dark chocolate lovers chocolate that is super silky in the finish.  Concepcion pairs well with a dark beer, medium red wine, and perhaps even a muy suave 100% agave Anejo tequila.


Single Origin Dark Chocolate.  80% cacao from Venezuela

Ingredients: Whole cocoa bean, pure cane sugar, cacao butter, whole vanilla bean

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Weight 2 oz


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