Whole Brisket


A whole smoked brisket.  We use certified angus beef briskets that are smoked using post oak wood to impart a subtle smokey flavor to the meat.  It takes 14 – 16 hours to properly roast a brisket so that it is tender, moist, and flavorful.  Flavors come from the beef, mild smoke, and a simple salt & pepper seasoning.

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Our briskets are smoke roasted for 14 – 16 hours in our barbecue pit The Black October.  A whole cooked brisket will average around 6 lbs.  The brisket will be ready slice fresh for your event or party.  Briskets are available for pick up or shipment Tuesday – Saturday.  Orders must be place a week in advance to the ship or pick up date.  For example, if you want a brisket to pick up on Tuesday we need the order by the previous Tuesday.  This allows us time to order the proper amount of meats for the week and get them cooked for you.  We suggest slicing the brisket right before it is to be served.  This will help preserve as much moisture in the meat as possible.  If you are picking up the brisket and want us to slice it for you just tell us in the note along with the time you want to pick up.


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