“Valero” 2 oz Bar – single origin Belize


We use cocoa beans from Belize for our Valero chocolate bar.  The cacao we source from Belize comes to us from Maya Mountain Cacao, which works with indigenous Maya farming families to produce high-quality, organic fermented and dried cacao. Maya Mountain Cacao offers technical assistance, microcredit, certifications, and market access to the 200+ farming families in its network, and uses centralized post-harvest processing to create a superior cacao with positive social and environmental impact at origin.  This chocolate is rich, savory and laced with pleasant dried fruit notes like apricot and cherry.  We also find a subtle spiciness that is hard to pin down.  Reminds a little of white pepper perhaps.  Valero will pair nicely with a medium bodied red wine and even one that might be fairly dry.  With the right wine the cherry notes will pop.

Painting of Mission Valero “The Alamo” by Susan Wester Perez – El Paso, TX


Single Origin Dark Chocolate. 70% cacao from Belize.

Ingredients: Whole cocoa beans, pure cane sugar, cacao butter, whole vanilla bean.

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Weight 2 oz


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