“Good Life” 2 oz Bar – Dark Milk Chocolate 55% Cacao


When I was a kid we would spend many a summer day at the movies.  My bother and I would walk to the theater with our friends and catch a double feature. We would all split a box of chocolate covered malt balls for the show.  When I made this stout milk chocolate it reminded me of a time when the problems of the world were far far away so I named this bar Good Life.  We use Ocumare from Venezuela for this chocolate, and even though we do not add any malt a subtle malty flavor comes through for us in the tasting notes.  Aroma and flavor can transport you to another place and that is what Good Life did for me.


Stout Milk Chocolate.  55% cacao with whole milk.

Ingredients: Whole cocoa bean, pure cane sugar, whole milk, cacao butter, whole vanilla bean


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Weight 2 oz


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