Peru Cacao

Not far from the Amazonas region where cacao trees are generally understood to originate before cultivated by Mayans into Meso America is the source for our second chocolate offering.  Peru is gaining traction once again as a seriously respected cacao producer.  The bean we sourced comes from a Fair Trade and Organic certified co-op.

The bean is premium Criollo stock making for a fairly mild chocolate that takes a roast on the lighter side best.  There are subtle notes of soft tropical fruits like banana and peach in the finish.  Coming this week is a 70% dark chocolate.  I’ll be experimenting with an extra dark version of this bean this weekend.  My hunch is that this bean from Peru will make an excellent >80% chocolate.  The acid bitterness and astringency is pretty tame in tasting the freshly roasted nibs.

Johannah Marie’s painting of San Juan Capistrano in San Antonion, TX will grace the front of this 2oz chocolate bar.

3 Responses to “Peru Cacao

  • Good luck with it, Scott. If you get it just right, please send me a sample. You can find my mailing info via my website at

    Thanks so much,

  • Looking forward to trying this chocolate!

    Am heading to Peru in March to visit cacao plantations. Afterall, it is known that the origins of cacao relate back to Peru and the Amazon basin. It will be exciting to see it grown where it all began and to taste the delicious result. I’ve had chocolate made from Peruvian cacao but it was not of high quality so did not impress me.

    • That sounds like a great trip. The cacao I have from Peru is unique. I’m still working with the ideal roasting profile for this one. It does have some interesting tropical fruit notes in it, but I was left with a little astringency in my first attempts. Next week I’m roasting another test batch.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Cheers! Scott

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