Peppermint Chocolate Bark

This last Saturday was a fun day at the Tejas Chocolate craftory.  My oldest daughter Chelsea has been nagging me for weeks about making peppermint chocolate.  When, when, when are you going to make peppermint chocolate she had been telling me by way of phone, text, and sticky note.

I was starting to get the impression that Chelsea was having a craving for peppermint chocolate.

I called Chelsea Saturday morning and left a voice message that I was heading into the shop and if she wanted to come over to help make peppermint chocolate treats she could.  I got a text back in about two minutes saying she be there in 20.

I sent back a text telling here to buy peppermint and beer.

She’s almost 30 now so I can do that with my children.

We smashed peppermint candies.  Boy it’s fun smashing stuff for good reason.

I made a quick post on the Tejas Chocolate Facebook Page about the fun.

We opened a Christmas Ale from Saint Arnold.  We are making holiday peppermint chocolate bark.  What else are we supposed to do.

Peppermint Bark

Our 70% Dominican Republic turned out to be a great chocolate for peppermint.  The malty and toffee notes seemed to go well with the cool spice of peppermint.  Crushed candy canes turned out to be the best peppermint for chocolate.

Since we were having such fun making peppermint chocolate bark while enjoying Christmas Ale we named our creation “Cheers!”.

Then we made some brownie lolly pops.  That’s right.  My experimental triple chocolate brownie made into a ball was skewered and dunked in more chocolate.  Make that a quad chocolate browning lolly pop AND dusted with peppermint candy confetti.


This is what chocolate makers with children old enough to buy beer do on a cold grey Saturday.

Chelsea took a bunch home, and we ate a bunch at the shop,  but we can always make more.  And we will should somebody want some.

You’ll have to supply your own Christmas Ale.

And your own daughter to enjoy it with.

Peppermint Bark Bag

To order some Cheers! click the pic or here.

Cheers! Scott


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