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Michelle was attending Florida University in the years Peyton Manning was playing for Tennessee.  Her Gator buds would give her grief about the fact she had a little crush on Peyton. While some of you may think that it was the NFL and CBS who asked me to delay our weekly recap for one day so we would not distract from their ratings, it was actually that Michelle needed my comforting as She sobbed through what is surely The Sheriff’s last rodeo that caused the great blog post delay.

I’m not sure Sunday afternoons in the fall and winter will ever be the same without hearing Manning on the TV yelling Omaha. I’m a sucker for a happy ending.

For me, this week was about diversity.


No two beans are exactly alike

Perhaps this feeling of diversity started Super Bowl week with Cam Newton telling us we didn’t know what to think about him. Perhaps it was because we hired two more employees with their own set of wonderful, and unique personalities. I got to thinking how restaurants are measured, in large part, by how consistently they deliver on the quality of food and service.  With variations in the ingredients we buy and the tools we use consistency can be a challenge.

IMG_5163 Some spuds take longer than others to grow and be cooked

I know that when I plunk down money for food at a place I want what I’m buying to be equal to or better than the last time I was there.  If it’s not, I’m a little disappointed to be honest.

These days I stand on the other side of the counter walking in new shoes trying to deliver on my own expectations. It’s pretty darn funny I think. God gives us perfectly wonderful imperfections in us cooks, and the bounty of the ingredients we use to make food. Makes me wonder sometimes why we are searching for such perfection in ourselves and our food. Nailing down the subtle differences from one batch or one cook to the next is part of the craft and pleasure of it all.

IMG_5161Carrots of different shapes and sizes can still make a killer Souffle’

I remember a steak dinner one time that I still consider one of the best meals I ever had.  Was it the steak itself, the preparation, the side dishes, the company I was keeping, how hungry I was, the cocktail beforehand, the glass of wine with,  or the sum of all the parts adding up to a dreamy symphony of eating harmony.

Say that fast three times.

IMG_5162Only one of these onions made me cry…I don’t know why either.

Many of you have gone out of your way to say nice things about our business. We really appreciate that. It makes us want to serve you something good to eat over and over again.


Even though no two briskets are exactly alike, and while no two beef short ribs are carbon copies,

IMG_5168we will always try our best to figure how many logs to burn


that helps us serve brisket like this


and beef ribs like this


and tacos like that


while testing a michelada in a solo cup with brisket rub on the rim


 that can lead to chocolate creations like…


Big Red, a classic barbecue joint beverage, comes through in a chocolate truffle.

The pay off on a Texas soda pop truffle is chocolate pleasure for us while watching a chocolate connoisseur’s head explode…the things we do for fun.

We try to add up and sift through all the inputs we receive whether it is from customers, employees, or suppliers. I can tell you that the ideas are wide ranging and far reaching. Many never make it onto the drawing board, but that’s quite alright.

We learned from our days selling chocolate at the farmer’s market that Tomball has it all when it comes to people.  If someone thinks that Tomball is a one trick pony they’d better think again. There is more diversity here than you’ll find in many big cities, and yet Tomball maintains a small town feel to it. It’s kind of like Omaha only we don’t have to cut a hole in the ice to go fishing.

In Tomball, we can have our barbecue, chocolate, and eat it too.

Cheers! Scott

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