Moore’s Season Finale – Week 52

The last full week of 2013 started out exactly like the next to last week of 2013.

33 degrees on Monday morning two Monday’s in a row is very Un-Houston like of the weather.  This week; however, I manage to avoid wrenching my back while climbing out of long johns after doggie walk.  This week is off to a glorious start as far as I am concerned.

Spec’s in Midtown asked us to demonstrate our chocolate (that’s retailer secret code for “get your butt in here and sell something”) on Monday the eve of Christmas Eve. The store was absolutely jumping…a fun vibration in which to participate.

Michelle@Specs 2377x2355

It’s an interesting thing to sell chocolate in a liquor store that also happens to be known for a great selection specialty foods.  We were cleverly positioned across the narrow isle from the Hennessy girls.  Dressed in sexy cocktail attire they were shaking their elixir over ice and pouring shots of holiday spirit.  Many of the shoppers clearly stopped at their display for the booze.  Yep, and I used to “read the articles”.

Standing in a specialty food isle of a wildly successful liquor store located in the most culturally diverse city in the world offered me some of the greatest people observations I’ve had the joy to experience.  There isn’t enough room in this weekly recap to describe even a third of them, but here are a few highlights.

A smiling Texan with a beard big and shaggy enough to be a brew master who turned out to be a home brewer.  He’s excited to discover flavors in single origin cacao, he appreciates the work that goes into it, and he bought six chocolate bars.  I asked him to make his beer available to me ASAP.  We both agreed that there would be more happy people in this world if they learned to pair craft beer and chocolate.

A European fellow with a three day beard dressed in tight yoga pants who asked me a lot of questions that I diligently answered one at time while being completely oblivious that he was hitting on me.  Michelle and our friend Wayne observed this whole encounter and afterwards laughed at my unawareness of said pick up attempt.  Give me a person with interest in craft chocolate and I’ll chat it up with the best of them.

A Russian man who explained to me how we cannot succeed in the chocolate business at our high prices, but he wished us good luck anyways. Oh, those glass half empty folks. They pop up when you least expect them. The Hennessy girls got him all riled up.  Everyone knows you don’t bother a grumpy Russian with cognac.

A spicy Latino lady who turned out to be going home to the Dominican Republic for Christmas that was very excited to taste and buy our Presidio chocolate bar.

The store is also filled with sample trolls because there are 10 0r 12 liquor marketeers offering free samples of booze.  Something Specs is struggling a little bit with unfortunately.

And thankfully, like at many of these demos, there are bunches of people that just love to be educated about cacao and chocolate.  They eat it all up and I love them for it.

The chocolate craftory slowly goes silent for the balance of the week as family gets our attention.  Christmas Eve dinner with my daughters Chelsea and McKenzie is a precious time.


I had the joy of sharing Christmas morning with grandsons Ethan & Parker.  Watching 5 and 6 year old boys discover what Santa Clause left under the tree is as good as it gets.  The sounds and sights of giggles and wrapping paper destruction is a highlight of the year for me.


Lego Construction

Grandad got the Lego Helicopter construction job which was Chelsea’s way of keeping me out of her kitchen.  Parker would stop by from time to time offering words of encouragement.  Boy would I ever like to sit down with a Lego model engineer sometime.

For the remainder of the week I went for the pajama wearing movie watching record, but nice weather outside was too strong of a draw.  It’s always best to have the sweet aroma of post oak leaking out of a barbecue pit to keep you company while catching up on some yard work.

Today brings us “The Moore Season Finale”, a new tradition I just made up.  It is a barbecue & football game party complete with beef brisket, pork carnitas, smoked sausage, guacamole, potato salad, baked beans, and family fantasy football league rivalry.  Barbecue seems like a fitting end to this years underachieving Houston Texans and my fantasy football team Scotty Football.  The 2014 draft brings hope and reason to barbecue again.

Weber Smoker 600x792

Week 1 of 2014 technically starts in 2013 and that is tomorrow my friends.  Safely have the New Year experience you desire!

We hope your 2013 was a smashing success, and that you feel as good as we do about 2014.

Cheers! Scott

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