Like A Good Texan Should

February is just about over. Boy howdy that was quick.

Don’t know about you, but I noticed our Texas seasons are up to their old tricks again.  New tree leaves and spring flowers around The Craftory alley seem to be a little ahead of schedule.


I like to tell folks new to Tomball that we only have three seasons in Texas; January, Summer, & August.

Often in February, while running a business in a drafty house built in 1907, we’ll run the heat in the morning and the AC in the afternoon. That was the case a couple of times this week. Love those crisp blue mornings when steam shoots out from roof tops.


The last week in February is also time for some trail riders to make their annual parade in Tomball before heading their way into Houston for the Livestock Show & Rodeo. Our food delivery truck had to navigate around some pretty happy campers from the Sam Houston Trail Ride. This trail ride has been going on for 62 years now and is the second oldest trail ride at The Livestock Show. There’s a little February fun fact for you.


As long time area Texans know, the thing that is really out of place here is that it isn’t raining.  Hardly seems like a livestock show trail ride without a windy 40 degree drizzly face punch. That kind of cold that feels like someone dropped your bones into scene from Fargo is usually what’s in store for these dedicated trail riders. It doesn’t seem normal for these riders do be dealing with pleasant partly cloudy weather. When the riders clippity clopped by The Craftory it looked like the riding was good. It’s nice to be warm.

One thing that was perfectly in place was the wagon with a barbecue cooker on the back. These riders have been camping out just like a good Texan should. I bet they ate well on the trail.


Speaking of barbecue cookers, The Black October got a new fire box grate.

These are exciting times indeed. A good fire grate helps us properly render brisket fat, which is even more exciting.


One morning I captured our prep cook Kris portioning out the days carrot souffle.


This picture got a great reaction on social media. Just doing my part to enable your carrot souffle’ addiction.

There are many things about The Craftory that make the hours and effort worth it.  One such thing is my occasional carrot souffle treat from Kris.


Sometimes there is a little 1/2″ wide end on the tray that is left over from the portioning, and Kris kindly saves one for me. She does this for two reasons I am convinced. One is to confirm it’s done right even though she knows she nails it every time. The other reason is a crafty tactic to get a raise. Clever girl.

Another clever tactic is our new neon sign.


Now you can plainly see from Elm Street that we proudly serve Love Street beer by Karbach Brewing.  A nice neon sign can help make our barbecue joint look a tad more legit is what we were thinking. We should sprinkle in one or two more perhaps.

Another thing that will surely help a barbecue joint look legit is picnic tables, and people eating barbecue & drinking beer on pleasant sunny days. That happened a bunch this week.


This was probably my favorite image of the week. The community coming to enjoy The Craftory. That right there has always been our main goal. We figure the rest will sort itself out.

One thing that was sorted out this week was Chris Clements cashing in on his $10.00 gift card for the pic of the week. Chris was showing us how to properly collect a major award.


Before I get on with the pic of the week for the gift card there were a couple of pics of the week for me that I want to share first.


My three grandsons. Ethan is holding Noah (born on Valentines Day),  and sitting with Parker. I’m pretty proud of these boys in case you were wondering. Little Noah is two weeks old today and his mother posted this picture.



He’s keeping his momma and daddy up a lot like a good Texan should do. Wouldn’t it be nice to sit like that with your feet all tucked up by your butt. I could do it, but I wouldn’t be able to stand again until next Wednesday.

There were a lot of awesome pics and comments this week. Thank you all for playing along. One in particular caught my fancy as I was in a souffle’ mood all week. Stacy McDonald stopped by and got herself a carrot souffle’ to go. Like the carrot souffle’ junkie she is, Stacy ate it all alone in her car so she could have a private satisfying moment. It’s okay. We understand, and I think many of you do too. We did hear though that Stacy’s family is discussing a possible intervention.


Stacy, you have $10.00 in Craftory credit waiting for your next visit.  Well done, and remember that we are here for you in your time of need.

Keep posting the pics using #thecraftory.  There could be ten bucks in it for you.

Thanks again to all the come out to support our venture. It means a lot to us.

Cheers! Scott









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  • Chris Clements
    2 years ago

    Wow. That looks just like me with 2 thumbs up!

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