It’s Weather Man

Weather was once again part of the story this week.  Just like the week before we were fortunate to have only minor problems to deal with.

IMG_5876A sizable tree limb took out part of our light pole early Wednesday morning. The limb narrowly missed ripping down the power lines thankfully. After a little clean up we were ready to go for lunch. Our neighbor Don, without us asking, broke out his chain saw and went to work.

Then Don showed up at the barbecue counter a little before opening. Don’t tell me he didn’t have a plan.

Barbecue eaters were ready to go on Wednesday as well.  We sold out of brisket around 2:00 pm and  pretty much everything a little before closing time. What looked like a slow start turned into a busy day. I’m hanging up my forecasting career. Some Weathermen around here might consider doing the same. I’ll just take it as it comes at me is what I’m going to try to adopt as a new policy.

The evening previous we were enlightened by District Roasters at their coffee cupping event. People got a chance to taste different coffees and hear about our local coffee roasters initiatives with coffee farmers. The coffee is good and their story is sweet. It’s all happening right here in Tomball.


We will be doing another on a Saturday morning soon. It’s nice to learn your way through what goes into making a solid cup of coffee.

Thursday’s lunch rush started fast with a lively and entertaining mom’s group. Demand for strollers,booster seats, and highchairs was strong on Thursday.


Mom’s and toddlers can crush some barbecue. The group managed to catch a really nice day to sit out by the fence.

This little guy was mowing down some brisket and potato salad.


We heard that dad was very proud he’s raising a meat eater. I felt like this kid’s ratio of food on face to food in mouth was on point. Notice that the attempt to get him to eat green beans ended up in his ear. That is a savvy move. I’ve seen some grown men do that less gracefully.

For the second week in a row Tejas Pastrami was available on Thursday.


The bark is peppery and sprinkled with pixie dust.

It was our second Thursday with pastrami available, so we added a Smoking Reuben to the signature sandwich menu.


Toasted rye bread, sauerkraut, house dressing, and house mustard as an option. The classic Reuben flavors with a smokey peppery addition.

The mustard was a hit too.

IMG_5913 A good mustard on just about anything works for me. I had some on a regular brisket sandwich and really enjoyed my late lunch that day.


We also sampled a small amount of pastrami burnt ends.

IMG_5884 IMG_5891

These pastrami burnt ends tasted better than the picture looks. They were that good. But that’s just me telling you this. We’re researching ways to make these a consistent weekly menu item.

Banana Pudding truffles made a come back this week.


These are white chocolate ganache with bananas and cinnamon sitting on a homemade vanilla wafer just before hand dipping in white chocolate. Banana Pudding truffles are always a welcome site in the display along with our other truffles.


Having the reflection of a neon beer sign on our chocolate truffle display is a nice touch by us is what I was thinking.

Saturday morning was humid. It was muggy and a reminder that we live near the gulf coast. When I turned all the lights on I found foggy windows.


After I finished starting the fire for the day I headed back inside to make a cup of coffee and was greeted by this in the window.


I never heard the squeaks or nothing. Suspect our ghost Travis was messing with me again.

Storms the weatherman had been warning us about hit hard around 7:45 am.


I thought the day was going to be lost. It was raining so incredibly hard once again. It felt like the weather was taking us out behind the woodshed. My feet, shirt, head, hat, and hopes for the day were all soaked.  So I decided to have a donut.


Thought for awhile I might be sitting in Carnivore’s Hall dripping water and eating breakfast tacos alone. However, our fortunes did change quickly fortunately.


About 20 minutes later the rain was done and the sun owned the remainder of the day. I later read the hourly rain rate Saturday morning was about the same as the big flood. Thankfully it only rained for about 30 minutes. Eric Berger’s blog is a pretty good follow for weather nerds. He explains the missed call on Saturday’s weather. You’ll learn about cap inversions on his blog. Get your nerd on and enjoy.

Seems like weather dudes are always are explaining why they missed it. I find Eric’s forecasts to be light on the drama anyways.


Our seasonal water front dining feature was back. A nice lady told me we should get some ducks. I was just happy we dodged another weather bullet with power still ticking. Saturday blossomed into a heck of a nice day. We had a big crowd and the line made its way onto the front porch.


We made the best of it with drinks and micheledas like this gentleman was enjoying. I think the longest wait was about 15 minutes to the ordering counter. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the line.

Some alley football tossing happened.


That far kid in the blue shirt can throw a football from what I saw.

We sold out of barbecue a little after 3:00 pm. I began warning people walking up that we’re close to selling out. Some hung in there and got a little barbecue. We really appreciate everyone’s understanding of how barbecue goes sometimes. We will continue to cook as much as we can so we can serve more people.

The picture of the week is by Haley Doughty.

haley doughty

Haley said the “hype is real” as she captured a great shot of burnt ends, smoked turkey, sliced brisket, carrot souffle’, and a brisket & blues romaine wedge salad.

Thank you Haley. I have a $10 gift card for you and your in for the next quarterly final. Congratulations.

I’m going to wrap up this week’s post with a heavy heart.

While this week was in part about near misses and minor inconveniences for us, one of our regulars Chris Clements had his life altered forever.  His lovely wife Mary Jo was called home after a battle with some major organ failures. She fought the good fight with Chris by her side step for step. MJ was a very pleasant lady and will be missed by many. We were happy to see Chris come by this week with a supporting family joining him. Eating with friends and family is the very essence of living. We want to send Chris much love as he resets his life going forward. That’s what we all must do. Move forward and chase our plan.


See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott


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