It Rained Us Silly

My buddy Meaux told me that during one summer in Abbeville, LA it rained only twice . Once for 12 days and the second time for 15 days.

Weather poured its way right back into the conversation once again this week. A slow moving low pressure disturbance caused stupid amounts of rain to fall on the north side making some folks crabby including me.


Like we need another picture of Lake Tejas filling in.

Our week began with a moment to remember our fallen on Memorial Day.


The sacrifices made by them and their families are remembered always.  Memorial Day is perfectly set in the front of summer when we all get to enjoy the very rights our heroes died defending. God bless them all.

Chemtrails? here we go…

Then the rains came again. Spring Creek came up so high you could see under it. Many of our customers were flooded or trapped in their neighborhood. A total bummer no matter how you look at it.

The low pressure spinning on radar looked like a land generated tropical system. A backwards moving pseudo tropical storm did start up some conspiracy theory conversation about Chemtrails and over reaching federal government control. Norm and Michelle were in agreement that the feds are jacking with weather patterns was the gist of the rainy day chat as I recollect.

We are pretty much convinced that Obama and Clinton are secretly running a rain gauge manufacturing company in Mexico that is privately funded by Trump. The waste water run off from the rain gauge manufacturing plant is captured, boiled into steam and injected with modified dust from the WMD’s  that Bush never found.  The cocktail is loaded onto jet air planes to make Chemtrails that cause rain that has be measured by federally funded weather monitoring stations around the world. It’s a business model that only Trump could dream up and therefore this can be the only sensible explanation as to why we are getting all this rain is what we figured.

I do also recall saying that after the 2011/2012 drought I’d never complain about rain again.  I’m still not going to complain, but I am starting to get a little fussy about it.  The disruptions to the lives of people and routines of businesses is frustrating to see and experience, but that’s not an official complaint. I’d simply prefer the rain let up just a bit anyways, but what are you gonna do.

All I know is that it rained so hard the satellite TV left me hanging on a final outcome of a Chopped episode. Man that’s bad timing.


The heck with it.  Might as well make some carrot souffle’.

IMG_6352 That’s Josh a.k.a. “Goggles” tossing around a 50 lb bag of carrots to get started on the week’s souffle’s. And yes, those are salmon colored shorts coordinated with navy and coral argyle socks. That’s a mighty strong look for Josh in adding to the Tejas fashion statement while helping us make good food happen in the kitchen. That blue & white stripe belt is a nice touch is what I was thinking at the time.


We’re glad to have him on board for his skills, work ethic, and enthusiasm. The guy loves a kitchen and a barbecue cooker. Say hi next time you see Goggles hand you some food.


Chef Greg keeps upping the pastrami game with another beauty this week.


The pastrami  brine concoction Greg’s been working on is getting dialed in nicely.  We sneaked a pastrami out there on Friday, but we’re likely to stick with the Thursday rotation for the immediate future. We’ll keep you posted about pastrami.

I was asked a few times this week to explain what is pastrami.  Pastrami is a smoked version corned beef. Brisket swims in a seasoned brine solution for days, is rested for days, and then smoked for a day. Corned beef was developed in the days before refrigeration as a way to preserve meat. You can make pastrami with many different cuts of meat. Thus far we’ve been making our pastrami with prime grade brisket. Who knows what cut might be next. Stay tuned.

Chocolate Truffle Season

Over in the White Room, it looks a little like Michelle might be a whiskey drinker with a truffle making problem. The best way to not solve a problem is to encourage more of the same behavior, and that’s what we did.

IMG_6381 IMG_6405 IMG_6364 IMG_6397

Mike Baxter introduced us to Hochstadter’s  Slow & Low Rye old fashioned whiskey. Michelle made a new “Old Fashioned” chocolate truffle. The ganache uses some of this rye whiskey, and the finished truffle is topped with some candied orange peel that Michelle made.  This was a new and fun truffle made in the spirit of weather that would drive one to enjoy spirits.

We thought once summer started chocolate truffle sales would slow down a bit. Guess again. With a display that looks like this, customers continue to get their dark chocolate truffle fix.

Chocolate Tuffles

Water Logged

The skies began to clear late Thursday as storms pushed southward.


Nothing says too much rain like water standing over green grass.


Sunlight filtering its way through the trees in the back alley gave us a welcome but brief sight.


I took a minute to have a breakfast taco and an iced mocha Saturday morning.


By Saturday afternoon another line of rain came barreling down North Elm Street.


But not before we had the chance to serve a few folks some barbecue.

IMG_6417 IMG_6360 IMG_6354

We sold out early on Friday and Saturday as people were excited to get out of their house. That seemed to be the prevailing feeling about it all anyways. The week ended fast and furious for us. Thank you to everyone who visited to support our business. I know it was a trying week for many, a tragic week for some. Lets hope some normal weather happens soon. I’m looking forward to a nice summer.

One more thing. We made the decision to start opening to the public on Tuesdays. I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal to some but it kind of is for us. Barbecue takes a long time to make so the cooking starts on Monday now instead of it being a more casual administrative day.  Tuesday is our biggest chocolate making production day for the week. We will find a way to weave production in and around serving barbecue. It’s all going to work out great I’m convinced of it. We made this decision because we want to grow and continue our path towards being a strong business in our community.  We now have 10 employees plus Greg, Michelle, and I. With your continued support we will add more as business demand grows. We are excited about contributing to our community in many other ways as we get stronger.

Get  your #$% over to see us on Tuesday would ya please.  Otherwise Michelle might have a hard time finding the whiskey for truffle production.

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott




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  • Melissa Richards
    2 years ago

    Loved this, Scott! Your writing reminds me of Leon Hale. So glad your business there in Tomball is doing well–can’t wait until I can get by and see you and Michelle. You two are fearless and incredibly talented.

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