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Week four brought us some hurdles, good times, and a glimpse of the master plan.

Two of our 6 employees spent time in the hospital this last week.  Michelle had some “girl” surgery and a benign thing removed.  Praise God, as her recovery is going very well.


We owe a big big thank you to the many that offered up prayers for Michelle’s surgery and recovery.

Including those from The Cooper Brown Dog.


Not sure that Cooper wasn’t most concerned about timely chicken strip deliveries, but we’ll take it anyways.

A special extra large thank you goes out to: Johnathon & McKenzie Treadway, Paul & Patty Barker, Alex & Kris Barker, Mike & Judy Hebert, Billy & Jo Jo Schiel, Jacob & Barbara Lloyd, Josh & Joy Burcaw, Jeff & Natalie Medders, and Tricia & Lanny Emfinger.  Michelle and I felt the prayers and feel very blessed to be a part of this community.  One huge huge thank you also goes out to Michelle’s mom Sharon for flying into Htown and helping around the house.

Michelle is doing great & getting cabin fever. She’ll be hard to keep out on the IR this next coming week.

The Show Did Manage To Go On

McKenzie pinch hit at the front counter and in The White Room with late night chocolate work.


Chocolate Truffles were made.


Johnathon saved our tails with wood deliveries so we could play with fire.


We charred some chilies for the famous Gerge Green Sauce.


Community Impact News held a little party at The Craftory.


Perhaps our favorite moment of the week was when some Tomball Police Officers enjoyed our barbecue.


The feeling of belonging in Tomball is very rewarding for us.  To be the neighborhood chocolate maker was the goal.  We added barbecue to the plan and we couldn’t be happier with the support & appreciation from our community.  We are grateful for every person that walks in our front door to enjoy our place.

Cheers! Scott

7 Responses to “Injured Reserve | Impact News | Community

  • Ingrid Cruz
    2 years ago

    Wishing Michelle a speedy recovery, and to all of you much success. It’s such a joy visiting your place.

  • Danel macaluso
    2 years ago

    Hope Michelle feels better soon. I’ll stop in soon to see talk.. Everything looks great! Danel ( the Lunch Ladies Cafe)

    • Danel macaluso
      2 years ago

      To see yall, not see talk.. Although we can talk lol

    • Thank you. We look forward to having you stop by. Sorry we haven’t been over in awhile. You know the drill.


  • I am thrilled the little hurdles are behind you…no opening can go perfectly smooth but I know you have many years ahead for many successes!

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