The Owners

Chocolate Makers

Scott Moore Jr – Founder & Chocolate Maker

A proud fifth generation Texan – Was pollinated in Austin, germinated in Dallas, and blossomed in Houston – Traditional TexMex advocate and connoisseur – Craft beer enthusiast – Texas wine wanderer –  Frio River regular – Backyard barbecue warrior turned Pitmaster- Believes that there is no place for beans in chili – Blue Agave purist – Ran and finished a marathon in 2002…it was a fluke – Weekend chocolate hobbyist turned professional chocolate maker. You can follow Scotty Unfiltered on Tumblr for sometimes edgier commentary about what ever strikes his mood that day.

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Michelle Holland  Founder & CFO

Naturalized Texan – Proud Florida Gator – Gourmet food creator – Closet bean counter – Found always near wine – Never stops smiling – Emerald Coast conservationist – Gulf Coast seafood snob – Cancer Survivor – Talented Baker – Martini slayer – Carrot souffle’ goddess  – Moves at warp speed – Has opinions, will travel.


Greg Moore Chocolate maker & Chef

Another proud 5th generation Texan – Restaurant Head Chef turned Chocolate Maker & Pitmaster – Mastered Mole in a Cazuela – Invented VerdeQ sauce – Will fish for food – Friday Night Lights aficionado – Fan of many sports – Thinks that The Leakey Mercantile is not only a great store but just darn fun to say – Makes prime rib for dinner every Christmas eve – Will destroy you in Boggle…you have no chance – Is Scott’s younger brother


2 Responses to “The Owners

  • Susan Murrell
    2 years ago

    Just discovered this cool little place today. OMG… Not sure which I liked better, the brisket or the chocolate candy!! Hummmm, I guess, being a woman, I’ll have to say the chocolate 😁. Y’all go , you won’t be disappointed ! Susan M.