Craft Chocolate; A Movement

The Independent Chocolate Maker

Did you know 90% of all chocolate made today is produced by only 10 companies? If you are willing to look, you’ll find some amazing chocolate being produced by a small & rapidly growing group of chocolate makers driven to make truly great chocolate.  Consumers that want better chocolate have more choices today.

A rediscovery of hand crafted chocolate is taking place.  Small independent chocolate makers are collectively changing the way people experience chocolate.

Win Win Win

  • Consumers are winning by finding better, nutritious, and more flavorful chocolate
  • Chocolate Makers are winning by serving their community
  • Farmers are winning by gaining more money for their hard work

My connection with chocolate flavor was, like many, a certain flavor note whether it was chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, a truffle, or a chocolate candy bar.  In following a new curiosity of the chocolate making craft, I found something different, interesting, and better than the chocolate flavor I grew up with.

What I found in craft chocolate was a myriad of new vibrant flavors reaching far beyond simple cocoa flavor. Discovering fruity, earthy, and floral aromas & flavors interlaced with cocoa flavor was an enlightening experience for me.  I had to know how and why craft chocolate was better.  The more I learned about the craft the more I realized that I just had to make chocolate.

The beauty is in the details

Seemingly countless variations in technique develop vivid chocolate flavors that only a craft chocolate maker can harness by using the bounty of a skilled farmer.  The craft begins with high grade cocoa beans.  Where does the tree grow, how is the plant cared for, how is the cacao fruit harvested, and how are seeds transformed into cocoa beans.  The smallest of variations in genetics, soil PH, sun light, rain, harvest times, and fermentation define the star ingredient in a hand crafted chocolate – the whole raw cocoa bean.

The farmer has produced something for the craft chocolate maker to work with.  The final flavor, aroma, and texture of chocolate will be determined by: Sorting cocoa beans, how long and at what temperatures are beans roasted, how fast are they cooled, how is the shell removed, how is the bean ground, how long is the chocolate refined and at what temperature, how long is chocolate conched and at what temperature, how long is chocolate allowed to age if at all, how is chocolate tempered, and finally, in what form is chocolate presented.  Every single detail in every single step has a direct influence on what the chocolate experience will be.

Craft chocolate gives us an opportunity to reach beyond chocolate as we’ve always known it.  You will find interesting & unique flavors, aromas, colors, and textures in craft chocolate.  How chocolate is made makes a difference.  Reach for it.  You might get hooked.

Scott Moore Jr

Founder & Chocolate Maker


4 Responses to “Craft Chocolate; A Movement

  • Hi Scott,
    Do you copack chocolate at Tejas or is it all for Tejas only? I’ll call you Tuesday. Met ya’ll at the Dallas Market and was doing the Texas to Maine Chocolate Trail Tour. I wanted to come by but you were moving your production. I have my chocolate biz & shop in Marble Falls, Texas. Talk to you soon!
    Holli Beckwith

  • bruna ghetti
    4 years ago

    Hello! I’m brazillian and I want to be a chocolate maker in my country.
    Can you help me?
    I leave in a small town and I loved your “craft idea”.
    Thank you.

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