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Last week was about team Tejas getting ready to handle something we never tried to do since opening The Craftory last October. Figuring out how to serve barbecue at a festival and at The Craftory on a Saturday was the task of the week. Saturdays are the busiest and most demanding day for us week in and week out.

Before plans for the week were put into motion I had a moment to walk little Noah around the neighborhood Monday morning.


One thing that I got out of this time with Noah is that there are cup holders on his stroller that I failed to take advantage of. I wont let that happen again.

Two Festivals, One Weekend

Seems like we’ve always been a little thin on help since we opened so the thought of service for a normal Saturday at The Craftory plus service at a festival was little intimidating. We also needed to get ready for the first annual Woodlands BBQ Festival on Sunday. Our staff absolutely crushed it all week and on the weekend. I couldn’t be more proud of the effort our employees put towards making it all happen. We had a newbie, a familiar face, and some enthusiastic temporary help. The week was busy, fast, long, and fulfilling.

Norman recruited his best girl Abby, and Larrissa aka “Patch” recruited her best guy Baret to help shuttle and dish barbecue over at Tomball’s Beetles. Brew, & BBQ on Saturday. I love this event in Tomball. There is beer, barbecue, vintage volkswagon beetles & vans, and great live music.

I walked over to the festival late in the afternoon expecting to see some tired carny hands, but instead saw Norman and Patch movin and grovin to Mambo Jazz King’s cover of KC & The Sunshine Band. The Mambo group can bring it. About the time the festival was in full throttle the threat of rain that never came cleared out the crowd a bit. We had a great day there and proved to ourselves that we can handle Saturday at The Craftory and an off sight event at the same time. We can serve good barbecue here and there.

Here’s a quick cool video of the beetles in Old Town Tomball on Saturday.

Here was our Tejas Q Carny gang Patch and Abby with Norm on the camera.


One source of amusement was another barbecue vendor coming over to sample and ask our Q crew how we cook brisket. They sent more than one person over to inquire. Norman had the perfect answer each time…salt & pepper, and some stuff they won’t tell me about.  Honest Norm always tells it like it is. At the end of our day in our back alley we all had a good laugh about it all as we finalized plans for Sunday’s festival in The Woodlands.

We had a familiar face back on chocolate panna cotta shooter duty this week.



That’s the look of someone that if asked to make another chocolate panna cotta shooter they will absolutely physically shoot you. Sometimes I get that look when I catch people digging and reaching around in the chocolate room. This look could go either way.

Kris made an ice chest full of shooters for the Woodlands festival and they were perfect like she always makes everything.


Kris made shooters while Michelle and Janie had truffle production for our normal chocolate truffle counter in full swing. Festive Chocolate was everywhere.


Saturday was about as busy as its ever been not counting what was happening over at Beetles, Brew, and BBQ.  It was a full day and there was still barbecue yet to be finished for the next day.

Sunday morning we finished up the cooking and headed over to Town Green Park in The Woodlands which was a super nice venue for the event. It was nice to spend the day on the grass I have to admit.

At these barbecue festivals we get to catch up with some peers which is a nice thing to do. JR Cohen caught this shot of some old gray barbecue farts.


We wuz chatting with Russel Roegels of Roegels Barbecue and Wayne Kammerl of The Brisket House.  We were taking about barbecue, beer, vision wear, hair club for men, blue pills, and chiropractors. The young guns over at Corkscrew BBQ and Blood Brothers BBQ kept asking if we needed help getting out of our rocking chairs.


The team at Blood Brothers BBQ had some secret potion they sip on that carried them straight through for 24 hours. It’s a Korean soju concoction that is good for removing fingernail polish, killing weeds and fire ants, or drinking so one can barbecue all night on no sleep. I’m not sure you could pass any standardized testing for regular day jobs after drinking soju mixed with a strawberry ice cream bar. That’s just a guess by me. Share this beverage with barbecue team next to you and get them off their game. Those Blood Bro guys are sneaky like that and they have a little kid up front as cover so be careful. Very clever team these guys are, and their beef belly burnt ends and roasted cream corn is stooopid good.

We had a little rain scare as we were getting set up for the festival, but that faded off into sunshine on a warm day right at the opening bell.  It was time to dish some boats of barbecue.

img_7517 img_7519 old-man-serving pork-belly-sample img_7522

A video of meat cutting seems appropriate in this spot in the blog about serving meat.

Our menu was: brisket, pork belly burnt ends w/ pickled red onion, carrot souffle’, and chocolate panna cotta shooters.

The live music was good, the beer was cold, the barbecue was plentiful, and the festival was festive. The inaugural Woodlands BBQ Festival was a well organized good time benefiting the good cause of Pulmonary Hypertension.  The motor driving the festival was Stibbs & Co. Jack Stibbs is passionate about supporting  PHA as his daughter has this condition. It’s personal and you can see that when chatting with Jack about PHA. We had a great time at The Woodlands BBQ Festival and look forward to participating next year.

A big thank you from Team Tejas for visiting us this weekend.


Photo by Nick Rama

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott


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