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IMG_6663On Monday we went to a Houston Astro’s game on the Fourth of July compliments of our Payroll / HR supplier Elite Business Solutions. On the way back from T shirt shopping, I paused to partake in our National Anthem while taking in a very patriotic scene on the field. The Color Guard, baseball teams, and a jumbo tron filled with hands over hearts painted a comforting image for me to soak up. This pregame moment should never end is what I was wishing for at the time.

Normally on Monday, I’d be up at The Craftory getting briskets ready for Tuesday. This last Monday, I opted for a plate of enchiladas from Irma’s Original.


I chose wisely. The enchiladas were so darn tasty with one each of chicken, beef, and cheese. I appreciated them being presented all on their own without the distraction of rice and re-fried beans.  That rich red sauce was perfection. Irma’s also makes a world class lemonade that is substantially delicious. It has a strawberry essence with hints of melon and pieces of fruit. If only I could get my web browser to refresh that efficiently. I used to eat here fairly often in the 90’s when visiting downtown clients, but it was my first visit back in a really long time. Irma still has game let me tell you.


Irma’s has no printed menu. The server asked us if we wanted fajitas, enchiladas or chili rellenos. While finishing up an early lunch, I looked over to see Irma Galvan herself, at 74, wiping tables clean and chatting it up with some patrons. You can see that her staff and customers love her dearly.

Michelle was feeling a bit off so I ate her chili relleno too which curtailed my plans for obnoxious game park food.


Chef Greg’s son Kai didn’t have that problem and saved room for a baseball helmet full of ice cream.

Michelle got to feeling better and hunger mounted as the innings rolled by. She did what many a good American would do. She got a dog & cheese fries, and moved away from me out of fear that I would eat her fries when she wasn’t looking.


I ask you, have you ever seen a person more happy to have a hot dog?

If you need payroll work, HR help, or small business services hit up Tom Schumacher at Elite.  He has good seats for Astro’s games.


That’s Jose Altuve at the plate in the first inning. He’s smallest guy on the field. Seeing him in person play baseball is something else. He’s comes to the plate swinging, talks non stop to anyone near by, and beat out the throw on two infield hits this day. What a remarkable baseball player Altuve is. He made the American League All-Star team again this year.

I’m not a huge professional sports fan, but do enjoy going to a baseball game. Sports is a nice distraction and can have the power to help us get a long.

IMG_6679Even a Seattle Mariner and a Houston Astro can find some common ground after all.  Let’s bottle up that get a long tonic and share it everyone.

Back To Work

The Fourth always feels like the gateway to summer for me.


We know what we are in for over the next 8 – 10 weeks. Tuesday was a day to get the cooker going, and a day to break out the water sprinkler for the first time this year. This year’s extended wet spring is all but a distant memory. My handy dandy accu weather app said the “real feel” was 107 about every afternoon. It felt like it for sure.

Phil brought us some ginger plants from his yard and said plant them along the shady fence.  That’s what I did on Tuesday when I wasn’t explaining to lunch shoppers why we were not open that day.


I feel a little claustrophobic between these walls. There was a time when electricians and plumbers crawled around up under the house. I tip my hat to those doing that work.

I’ll stick with working on barbecue & chocolate.

IMG_6705 IMG_6704 IMG_6709


I didn’t know what was going on in Dallas until I got in my truck to drive to work Friday morning. I just happened to have put on a hat a wear many days to work.


I listened to the news on the radio while getting meats ready for the cooker. It ain’t easy listening to news like that. All I could really think about was how hard it must be for a family to be faced with such a sudden loss. It’s hard to imagine what it mush feel like to have your life changed so quickly and dramatically. I really feel for those so affected by this most recent senselessness.

Since opening The Craftory, I’ve gotten to know many Tomball and Harris County police officers. We also have several Texas State Troopers that visit us. I’ve met many of their wives and children too. They live with the danger of the job everyday. I tip my hat to them all. God bless them for doing what they do. They truly wish to protect and serve, and I’m grateful for our police officers doing just that. They are always welcome here.


I truly do feel that we will get our arms around senseless hate as a society. I truly believe that.

For Body & Mind

Saturday came around and there was a familiar face hanging out behind the counter.


Jacob was on hand sampling coffee from Two Sparrows Roasting Company. Jacob & Barbara will be based out of Round Top, TX soon roasting their coffee. From the looks of it, several folks were enjoying the story and coffee. I certainly enjoyed everything I sampled. Jacob has dialed in his roasting profiles nicely. Their coffee aspirations are tied to helping stop human trafficking.  Check them out soon.


Look at that cute family in the back ground. I watched that new mom, in the pink, Stephanie and my youngest daughter McKenzie demolish breakfast buffets while on cheer competition trips. That competition cheer team could work over an all you could eat buffet let me tell you. Watching cheerleaders attack buffets will put a smile on your face.

My uncle Michael from Grapevine, TX rolled into town Saturday with his wife Nina, son Dean, and daughter Ruby for their first visit to The Craftory. Michael is my late father’s younger brother. Hadn’t seen him in a couple of years. Michael reminds me of my dad and my granny Pat. I spent the better part of today floating around the pool thinking about those times with two of my favorite people in the whole wide world.


Here’s to spending a day feeling all nostalgic. May your wistful yearning be fulfilling and sincere.

Cheers! Scott




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