Good Pours

Holiday orders poured in, generosity flowed out, and new dishes cascaded over our menu. The Craftory was humming all week.

One of our regulars sponsored a barbecue dinner delivery over to The Tomball Police Department. The anonymous sponsor asked us to deliver the food as appreciation for the service our police provides to Tomball.  It was a gift from the community is how it was presented.

I got the chance to see the dispatch center, bad guy processing area, and took a quick tour of the jail. I saw what one gets to eat while spending a day in the tank. Talk about motivation.

Barbecue smells permeated the room where roll call happens. Our work there was done.

I have great respect for the job these officers do. Thanks guys from the friends of Tejas.

Earlier in the week I dispatched myself with a hot box of barbecue for a delivery to an office building. Smokey smells seeped out through tiny little breaks in the door seal of the hot box filling the tight space of an elevator with smokey music. That and my shirt always smells like a smoker. Fellow elevator users inquired as to the source of such an aroma.

Get on an elevator with a Cambro filled with barbecue and everyone wants to be your best friend. Cart the aroma into an office building and you will see heads pop up over cubical walls.

SmellaMarketing wins again.

One of the aroma culprits was a seven bone 15 LB smoked Prime Rib.

It’s pretty hard to describe what is happening when the aroma and flavor of this prime rib takes on your senses. A sixth sense of extreme fulfillment for the maker and the recipient would be part of that description. I did experience separation anxiety when I left this hunk of beef on the kitchen counter at an office suite. ‘Tis the season you know.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 12-20 would be the deadline to book this Chairman’s Reserve prime rib if your up for that. We have quite a few to smoke this week, but there is room for a couple more. This would look good on your cutting table too.

Chicken Dinners, potato soup, Hobbit Stew, and smoked pork breakfast casserole were some of the dish highlights of the week.

 Dana went authentic on the Hobbit Stew font when asked to make a sign. We ain’t playing around kids.

One dish I made for myself this week was beans and cornbread. I love beans and cornbread. Beans and cornbread is like comfort food 101 in my book. When it gets cold outside, I can eat some beans and cornbread. Take our cornbread pudding, put it on a plate, and then cover it with our pinto beans. How hard is that.

This plate of food will set you back five bucks. Add a 1/4 pound sausage and it’s a $10 lunch. That’s a fair stack of comfort at a sensible price is how I see the pinto beans over cornbread pudding with smoked sausage ordering strategy. It’s a square deal is what I’m saying about our beans and cornbread.

Good Tidings

I bring you good news my friends. Tomball is trending. Very cool things are happening in Old Town.

Remember Patsy’s at Main & Pine Street? Now it is called BonFire Grill. They have a craftsman there named Jody that is soaking good bourbon many ways in order to infuse interesting flavors into whiskey drinks. You know how I like a good whiskey drink.

Michelle and I slipped on over and sipped on some quality pours at BonFire. The pizza oven at Patsy’s is now front and center, the place looks great, and the whiskey could not be more interesting.

I posted that first picture of the clever leaning sip on our own facebook page and it went viral. It looks like Tomball is itching for new dinner options was my take on such a reaction.

When I look at the current Google map, Old Town is filling in with many interesting things.

Most interesting too me is that 4 blocks west and 2 blocks south from Tejas is great whiskey. 3 1/2 blocks if I take the back alley. I wish BonFire well, and hope that none of you will be sitting in my seat at the bar on Saturday evenings when I need a whiskey drink and a wood fired pizza after a long week of dishing barbecue. No offense intended.

The next cool Tomball thing is the killer logo graphic for Tomball High School’s percussion group.

That’s a pretty edgy look I thought. The percussion team at Tomball made nationals and that happens in April I believe. When I first saw the two dudes sporting this jacket I thought they were on a racing team for one of them fancy over priced EuroTrash sports cars. Nope. It’s the logo for Tomball Percussion Team. I love that Tomball people who like to beat drums has this look as their identity. It’s a winner.

Also on the trendy trend is that we just supplied Saint Arnold Brewery with cocoa nibs to help them make their next Blue Icon beer.

This beer will be out in January. Their PR team will be over for a video shoot sometime before its release. They made this beer before with our cocoa nibs but aged the beer in whiskey barrels. That was Bishop Barrel #4 and it was a gem. When I took the last Bishop Barrel #4 for my own personal consumption there were some people around at the time that shot me the stink eye. The beer was that good.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this Blue Icon.

Tomball’s got it going on folks. For us to be a part of these goings on is pretty sweet.

Pour yourself something good to sip. See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott





2 Responses to “Good Pours

  • Erik Volkmer
    1 year ago

    I see a possible joint venture or a potential experiment in the works… How bout you cold smoke some of that Whiskey from down the street. Just thinking out loud. What an infusion smoke would make…

    Merry Christmas
    erik from Galveston County

  • Chris Clements
    1 year ago

    As I sit here sipping on a cold beer in the cold listening to my momma prattle on the way she does all I can think about is them beans over your corn pudding. I’ll be seeing y’all when I get back into town, that’s a garrantee you can count on!

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