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This last week was filled with some new food, new people, and good times.  The week saw Michelle “The Wonder Hoot” arrive back on her post feeling almost good as new.  She’s a welcome site on the register.

Here is the week in pictures.

IMG_4587 (1)


Craft Chocolate Tour

The Girl Scouts paid us a visit.  Troop 14592 came is for some chocolate & kitchen education.

Truffle ClassTricia showed them how to make some truffles.

Speaking of truffles, we rolled out a new one this week.  On the savory side we introduced our Browned Butter & Sage Truffle.  It is coated with Pamigiano Reggiano for a great dark chocolate and cheese combination.  What a great and unexpected delightful combination of flavors. This one will make you rethink chocolate truffles as everyone said that it was surprisingly delicious.

Browned Butter & Sage Truffle with Parmigiano Reggiano Crust.

Browned Butter & Sage Truffle with Parmigiano Reggiano Crust.

Then we sampled an item we are calling “Piggy Candy”.  It’s salty, smokey, porky, sweet and slightly chewy.  This was a hit.  It’s pork rib burnt ends with maple sugar cider glaze and dipped in 70% dark chocolate.  Son.

Smokey, Salty, Porky, Chocolaty.

Smokey, Salty, Porky, Chocolaty.

We were also working on some burnt ends at the request of many.  There were some free samples that went out Saturday for those that came by at the right time.


Our staff continues to amaze us.  Kris and Heather were working hard to put out some great food while auditioning for the national beanie hat competition.

Kris and Heather getting orders out the window.

Kris and Heather getting orders out the window.

We added a new young man to the Tejas staff.  His name is Walter.  He is helping with everything while learning the ways of barbecue.


The annual Tomball Holiday Parade was staging up out front Saturday morning in the pouring rain. It’s always fun to listen to a High School Band get their drums going. Another rainy Saturday gave way to a sunny brisk afternoon. The drinking chocolate was popular Saturday.

High School Band

My two wonderful daughters Chelsea and McKenzie decorated the light pole out front as part of Old Town Tomball’s Holiday Lamp Post Stroll. Michael Baxter snapped this photo with his phone.


Thanks again to all who came to see us this week.  The Holiday season is official underway.

Cheers! Scott


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