Full on 13th

Last week we were back to our regular weekly schedule for the first time this year. Getting back in the normal routine felt pretty good. I find comfort in having a schedule of things to do making my what to do decisions for me. Thinking about what to do is work. Just doing the work is relaxing. Our time off to relax spilled right into relaxing at work for the first full week back.

In my morning routine, at around seven, I go out to put the flag up on the pole. For some reason, the silly No Parking sign the city put out front caught my attention.

Maybe it was the sky behind it with all the purple colors filling up the air. I was wondering how many people know what is on the other side of this sign, so here you go.

It turns out that according to the sign one can park behind the sign going back in the direction north from the sign. There’s 3 or 4 spaces there for the taking. I say use them. Maybe I should paint parking stripes there. The purple air may or may not be available when you park there.

We had two mornings last week with purple skies. This was the scene on Saturday morning.

I thought it was pretty cool. When you walk around outside and the sky is like that it adds a certain mystery to the day doesn’t it.

Some critters could give a crap about a purple sky.

That’s Billy the alley cat. First time I saw this cat he was skinny and skittish.  Now he’s looking pretty healthy and getting a little more comfy hanging around The Craftory. Turns out our neighbor is a softy and feeds Billy on a regular basis regardless of me explaining to my neighbor that I need hungry alley cats working around here. Lazy entitled alley cats don’t get good alley cat work done. If this keeps up the alley cats will have a little occupy Elm Street village pop up out front meowing for higher minimum alley cat wages and benefits. It can darn well happen, because Billy the alley cat is looking a little bloated in the middle, so it looks like we might have a she Billie on our hands. I’ll let you know if Billie multiplies.

One thing that has been earning its keep for years is my One Grill rotisserie motor.

I’ve had the one on the left in the picture since 2010. I estimate that it has completed over 4,000 cocoa bean roast cycles for me. That works out to 1.4 cents in equipment cost per roast cycle. I can live with that. In 2014 The One Grill motor started squeaking loudly at start up, so I bought the back up that is pictured on the right. The original motor would squeak for about 10 minutes then work in silence for the rest of the day, but I thought it might crap out on me any day. The motor ran like that for 3 more years. I grew rather fond of my squeaky motor to be honest. The sound made me feel right at home.

The day Saint Arnold Brewing was coming to do a Facebook Live about the Blue Icon beer project the One Grill motor called it a career. The motor had had enough of turning drums filled with cocoa beans. 6 plus years of rotating, banging around, and being left out in the rain all came to end the day I need to show off how we roast cocoa beans in a Live video event. Of course The One Grill would tap out on this day.

The back up motor was purchased in 2014, stored, packed for a move, and stored away again. The degree of confidence I had in locating the back up in our storage room was not high. Finding the back up motor was a bigger feat than the original lasting 6 years outside in Houston’s uncontrolled climate. As a rather unaccomplished practitioner of proper storage protocol I was filling my oats about putting my hands on a back up motor in a timely manner. It proves once again that my world and desk might appear to be chaos, but I can find stuff when I need to. Sometimes.

The Blue Icon Chocolate Weizenbock can be found in the chocolate display of course.

The flavors of this beer pop better at 55 degrees than straight out of a bottle cooler at around 34 degrees. It is hard sometimes to think about drinking beer warmer than ice cold, but its true.

Michelle, Janie, and Courtney did a nice job getting the display back in chocolate order. The holidays were busy and then we took a week out of the production cycle during a break. It takes another week to reload. The chocolate production is back in a normal routine too.

Weirdness in the week did not discriminate.

Paper towel dispensers went down one by one.

Want to take a guess at how many times the sensor is touched right under where it says NO TOUCH? Enough times to knock it out of whack is how many times someone whacks the paper towel dispenser in a wet handed desperate maneuver to get a towel to dry hands with. The one in the women’s restroom takes the hardest beating. Our paper towel dispenser in the women’s restroom is bitch slapped like no other. Looks like we’re going to have to stick a manual operated paper towel dispenser in there for the ladies room.

An iPhone 6 was taken apart and put back together again. That’s a normal thing for Alex to do.

iPhone innards where everywhere. Alex Barker can fix these when he’s not roasting and pushing coffee for District Roasters. He has fixed mine three times. When you need an iPhone fixed check out Alex iPhone Repair.

The weather has us juggling tarps all week. Not that we ain’t used to that. It’s just a view that caught my eye this week. That and it is raining today and looks like it might rain all week. Tarp juggling will be normal activity this week too.

Wood is easier to burn when dry. That’s just a fact. Wetting wood so it smokes more is a bunch of poppy cock.

Toilet seats broke, kitchen appliances went down, and I walked shin first into a picnic table on the full moon Friday 13th. If you visit us and see a picnic table in the dumpster you’ll know I did the shin thing again.

We had a nice amount of burnt ends last Saturday. It’s just how the brisket trimming crumbles sometimes. We still sold out before 2:00 pm, but more people than usual got to have some of the magic that is brisket burnt ends.

Also on Saturday we tested out barbacoa breakfast tacos. We sold out of those pretty fast. I did get to eat one of them, and have to say it was a tasty taco.

I did get to spend part of Saturday watching everyone else work while I sampled truffles and sipped on coffee with Scott Sandlin and company. That was a nice way to pass the time. Not that time needed passing since we were busy as all get out on Saturday. I just sat there on a coffee break for a bit is really what happened.

Puppies and Babies.  That’s just good stuff.

That front seat seemed to be working for this little one. It did look like a good spot to be for counter top clearing and such.

When the day and week was over it was time for a Robert Earl King front porch ale by Pedernales Brewing. A very drinkable ale that I enjoyed sipping out on the front porch.

Well yesterday was my birthday. I’m 53. I didn’t expect all the banks and postal service to close for the occasion but that was nice of them.

Ya’ll have a good one.

Cheers! Scott





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