Floydada, TX

When I was a kid mom would take pumpkin seeds and roast them with some seasoning.  I remember being blown away by the revelation that something edible came from my Jack O Lantern.  I had seen the pumpkin pie start with a can so I never connected pie with real live pumpkins.  It was sort of like how chicken started out at the grocery store under plastic wrap.

Home roasted pumpkin seeds never lasted long around the house.  I ate them by the handfuls.

I ate this pile before using them in our chocolate and had to roast some more.

I'm addicted to these

Then I embarrassingly had to ask a waiter one time what a papita crusted trout was.  I remember wondering if the trout had come from some particular river or something.  For some reason papita sounds tastier than pumpkin seeds so that’s what I like to call them these days.  Think it makes me sound more rounded.

One time while in the kitchen and possessing a willingness to take on project I decided to make Mole.  Especially when I saw that in the giant list of ingredients were papitas and chocolate.  I couldn’t believe how many variations of Mole there are out there to be found.  I do tend to lean towards the spicier versions as opposed to the sweeter versions, but a well made Mole is a thing to be marveled really.  The amount of ingredients and the methods of preparation makes Mole so fascinating.  If you are in the area or are visiting northwest Houston check out Soto’s Family Cantina.  Juan Soto and his brothers use their momma’s family recipe for Mole and it is among the best I’ve had.

But there I go getting side tracked again.

As a Texan and creating for Tejas Chocolate I discovered that Floydada, TX is the official pumpkin seed capitol of the world. I did not know that.

If you knew, I’m impressed.  Floydada, TX is where West Texas meets the Texas Panhandle and not far from where my brother was born in Lubbock, TX

Here is the other thing they grow in Floydada.

A sky so long its hard to tell where it ends and where the ground begins.  Haven’t figure out how to use one of those in chocolate making yet.

Dad was a traveling salesman for Catalina back in the day when they needed traveling salesman to sell ladies swimwear to mom & pop retail stores.  I went a few times with him to Amarillo and Lubbock.  There didn’t seem to be much of a market for ladies swimwear in Floydada back in those days.  Either that or  I forgot that I went to Floydada.

Anyways, I’m excited to pair some wondrous Texas grown papitas with a chocolate made in Texas.  Seasoned and toasted papitas embedded in a molded piece that Chef Greg dubbed a 1/4 pound scroll after the shape of the molded chocolate.  So this is our Floydada Scroll Bark.  A 70% dark chocolate with seasoned and roasted Texas papitas.  About the only thing I got wrong on this one is there should be more papitas, but I couldn’t stop eating the supplies.

Not to shabby an option for a group sharing a bottle of wine…or two.

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