This last week was festive indeed. We hosted two Christmas parties for local businesses in the same week The Tomball German Festival, and Christmas on Commerce Street events happened. Our streak of weekend rain continued which slowed down the Saturday evening festivities over at The German Fest, but Old Town Tomball was rolling Friday night and well into late Saturday afternoon.  Lots of people were having a big time regardless of looming weather. We’ve been open for 8 Saturdays and it has rained on 6 of them. Pretty amazing, but we’ll take it anytime over those years of terrible droughts.

The week in pictures…

My daughters work for Construction Eco Services and they organized their Christmas Party at The Craftory.  Then they had big fun with lighted ugly sweaters.


It was a full house.

IMG_4686 IMG_4684

When you are serving barbecue for 80 at one time it takes a couple of meat cutters working the chopping table.  I got the chance to get in the kitchen and cut some barbecue with Chef Greg.


Often times when Chef Greg is slicing a brisket he puts a little poetry into the story each hunk of smoke meat tells. People will sometimes stop what they are doing and watch the slicing.  Its often an impromptu event for him and The Craftory team.


We rolled out a festive chocolate truffle this week.  It is a champagne ganache with Madagascar 70% dark chocolate.  The bright fruit notes in this chocolate play nicely with a bubbly ganache for our  Sparkling Champagne Truffle.


This truffle works with the wine and champagne in solo cups in case you were wondering.


We love our coffee roasters too you know.  While District Roasters out of Tomball is our house coffee roaster, this week we got to introduce some of you to Michael Marinelli, founder of Orazure Hand Roasted Coffee.  Michael introduced me to Craft Coffee a few years ago so its great to see him at The Craftory chatting up coffee while sampling several brews of goodness.


I’ll leave you with the image below of starting the fire for the days barbecue cook.  The fires are always brought to life with all natural post oak wood in a chimney.  That’s how we like to make barbecue anyways.

Fire Chimney 2448x3264

Have a great week and hope to see you soon.

Cheers! Scott

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