Feels So Good Feelin Good Again


Robert Earl Keen described that feelin good again feeling in his great song after being a little homesick, and getting back to familiar faces and places at Archy Blues in Bandara, TX. It don’t matter what’s been ailing you. It feels good to feel good again. I feel like if you took a little of everything in this picture with about 2 ounces of good whiskey you’d feel pretty good about anything.

What a week. The low point was Thursday morning. I’m laying in bed awake at 4:30 AM shivering and sweating. I can hear thunder and rain hitting the window. In 30 minutes, I’ve got to pull it together, get to work, and start a fire in a cold spring morning rain storm. Man this was going to suck, but there’s people that have it a lot worse than me I kept telling myself. I could be laying in a ditch feeling this way with bullets whizzing over my head. Or I could be laying in a hospital bed with a real fight on my hands like our friend Mary Jo Clements or my old golfing buddy Steve Korkmus. A little perspective goes a long way sometimes is what I was thinking about then.

Ever been tested for the flu? Google it. I can see why the man nurse stood to the side of me. Had I had a clear shot at his nuts I would have kicked them. It felt like he was scrapping old paint off the back of my cranium through my nose. I never hated a health care person more. I tested positive for Flu A. Did Tamiflu work? Have no idea. Wouldn’t mind having my $158 back though. It looks like it worked for Michelle. She tested negative but started on Tamiflu anyway and seemed to avoid the flu all together.

Michelle is a bad ass. She watched me take the flu test and still elected to do the same having no noticeable symptoms. Had it been the other way around I would have been waiting in the car. Ask Michelle how great a patient I am. I wasn’t fussy, crabby, and winy at all. She’ll be happy to tell you about the ray of sunshine I am when sick.

Enough of my misery already. I’m feeling good, it was a stellar week at The Craftory again, and most importantly it’s Easter Sunday. He is Risen! Amen to the good news. I spent the period of lent again this year with the radio off while commuting to and from work. Gave myself about 40 minutes a day to meditate and think about the sacrifice Jesus made for our sins. At least when I could keep focused on God which is often a challenge when the driver in front of you is going 32 in a 50 while checking their Facebook status.


That weather turned out brilliant on Friday and Saturday.  Some folks got to make good use of the new umbrellas out front.


Had some sweet dogs like Lucy hanging out on a nice day. Lucy is a smooth coat border collie like our own Handsome Gus.


Spring breaks happened and we had some special company over the last two weeks. My cousin Anne White wanted to spend her spring break working at The Craftory. And that’s what she did.

From ringing up sales to sorting cocoa beans. Anne pitched in everywhere. Mom got in on the cocoa bean sorting party too.

Anne’s brother Curtis showed up on Saturday to aggravate help his sister. Watching red head siblings discuss who was going to do what is a fiery treat.


These two could not have been a more perfect revenge for my cousin Kevin who was a pain in my back side for a long long time. 🙂

Speaking of pains in your backside, there was a foodie opinion fight on Facebook last week and we were the central topic. The thread started off with someone not impressed with our food and price. Its easy to see why political discussions are essentially impossible. People defend their right to voice an opinion but get defensive when someone exercises their right to disagree. Things get heated, someone gets butt hurt, and then goes off and gets themselves banned from a foodie group.  Then one calls The Craftory not once, not twice, but three times to cuss me out for having our supporters attack them on FB. Its a sad statement on society really. It went something like this:

Hater – “I think Tejas Chocolate Craftory is over priced and they didn’t offer any sauce”

Fan – “You don’t know what you are talking about. Their food is legit”.

Hater – “Screw you, I have a right to my opinion”

Fan – “I have a right to tell you that  you are stupid”.

Hater – “&%#$ you #$% hole”

Admin – “Hater, you are banned!”

At the end of the day, someone is allowed to have no taste or sense of value and not like our food. You can’t argue with ignorance. I lay on the sideline until insults start taking on a more personal tone and then I’ll defend us and our staff from some ill informed ignorant jack wagons.

When someone calls our following a cult it’s just over the top. It’s food. People like what they like and don’t like what they don’t like. We could not have picked two more diverse and opinionated food categories than barbecue and chocolate. Those two words have enormous range in personal meaning and tastes. Lets just keep it fun, interesting, and civil if that is okay please. Remember that when you trash any business on social media, especially a small family business that employees people from your own community that are just trying to get by like you are, you are a jack wagon. If you toss your opinion out there in a public forum you’d best be ready to hear it from those agreeing or disagreeing with you. Pull on a pair of man panties and deal with it you thin skinned amateur food critics. That’d be the grown up thing to do. I’d like to see you put your work out there in the public view so people can look up your skirt to see how nice the weather is.

At The Craftory, we graciously accept your praise, and will occasionally listen to educated informed insightful criticism from people that know food. 🙂

Suck on that haters.

And there you have my entry for good Christian of the year.  Early voting opens next week.

Moving on…

When Mom wasn’t sorting cocoa beans she was making fun size S’more bites that didn’t last long at all. Could there possibly be a sweeter follow up to a rant than this picture?


Looks like Grammy is gonna have to spend more time in the kitchen. She made a hundred. They lasted a day and a half. Here’s to hoping we we sell out to fans only to tell haters we are sold out. That’d be a proper development.

Banana Puddin’ truffles found there way back into the display. Two dozen were gone before I had a chance to take a picture.


Watch this week for the Peach Cobbler white chocolate bar.  It’s about to happen and they will be killer.

Our USDA Prime brisket was still stealing the show. We’ve been getting great feedback about this upgrade. Worth every penny in our estimation.


You guys posted a lot of great pictures this week.  The one that caught my attention had a little attitude with it. It made me laugh a little which was nice. I needed a good laugh.


The caption “I love you, meat” was simple, thoughtful, and inspiring. I thought #sorryvegans was a nice touch as well.  Geowoman is the winner for the week. She captured the image of a handsome smoke ring and sexy rendered beef tallow. Just gorgeous baby! I have no idea who this person is so if you do, tell her she has $10 coming to her.

Thanks for visiting and having a good time.

Our customers are incredible.

Cheers! Scott

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