Fairly Alarmed

On Thursday morning after tending to the barbecue cooker I walked into the kitchen to see Dylan and Kris kneeling in front of our oven with a flicker in hand. The innards of the oven were stacked on the kitchen floor exposing a thermal coupler and a pilot light that no longer wished to perform their task. The oven was lost.

The clock never stops, and lunch time was relentlessly coming around turn 4 and headed for the checkerd flag. The get spuds done by lunch race was on without a working oven.

I was starting to feel fairly alarmed.

malcom jurassic park2

No spuds at all for lunch? What kind of nightmare on Elm Street were we headed for is what I was initially thinking.


That just can’t happen. I know we run out of them from time to time,  but no spuds at all for the day would be scary.

Some customers take the news of sold out items better than others. Some customers want to see me dance.


The carrot souffle’ inventory was going to be in jeopardy. Imagine a lunch at Tejas with no carrot souffle’


No cornbread or chocolate bread pudding? That’s information that just isn’t gonna sit well with a guy like Angel Eyes.

angel eyes

On Thursday we had already finished carrot souffle’, cornbread pudding, and chocolate bread pudding the night before. Stacked spuds; however, were going to be a challenge with no oven.

I channeled my inner Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez.


Tuco always finds a way.

Off to the hot spot on The Black October I went with a tray of spuds. If you had a spud this week you might have noticed the golden foil.


Camp taters is what we did for lunch Thursday.  Then we did them again on Friday and Saturday because making spuds this way was darn good fun. Mission accomplished.

Unexpected things happen. I’ve learned over time to expect that.


Thursday morning I opened the case of beef short ribs only to discover we received boneless beef rib strips instead of our normal beef rib bone in cut. Thursday turned out to be filled with unexpected twists.

I thought for a second about what beef short rib customers would say if told we have no beef short ribs.


So we made beef short rib burnt ends hoping to avoid an explosive situation.


The change up worked.


These were tasty nuggets of smoked beef. We called them burnt shorties. They were seasoned with our ancho chili, coffee, and cocoa rub, smoked, and finally braised in Shiner Bock and our pit sauce. We never made these before, but from the comments we received they seemed to be a hit. It was a good half time adjustment. This sort of adversity makes things pretty interesting for me.

As Blonde told Tuco at Sad Hill cemetery: “You see Tuco, there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who come early and eat burnt ends, and those that dig. You dig”.

tuco digs

At least that’s how I remember this classic scene from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly anyways.

Tomball Night

Before I get started on Tomball Night, I need to tell you what else happened on Thursday. I didn’t get a picture of it because nobody wanted any special attention about what happened. One of our regulars saw three Tomball Police Officers seated having lunch. This regular bought each of them a $15.00 gift card, asked not to be identified, and said tell them thank you for their service. That’s the second time something like that has happened at The Craftory. I dig it the most.

Friday was Tomball Night…The greatest night in America. Ask Emily Swonke about Tomball Night and she gets excited like a kid before Christmas which is cuter than a puppy hugging a kitten.

My cousin Chip and wife Kathy rolled up in their 62 Impala.

IMG_6962 IMG_6963

They stopped in for some sliders before the car show over at The Academy. Chip and Kathy have won some awards with this beauty. Someone stole this car one time but they thankfully got it back with minimal damage.

Robert and Linda stopped by before heading over to the show with their baby.

Robert and Linda's Oldsmobile 442

Robert and Linda’s Oldsmobile 442

I’m still waiting for that opportunity to rumble down North Elm Street in this 442.

Tomball Night is an evening of community. It’s different than festivals. People are out enjoying their town. We had 125 tickets after 5:00 pm and 79 after 7:00 pm. We really enjoyed the party feel to it all. We had so much fun we decided to knock off breakfast tacos and not open until 11:00 am on Saturday. Sorry if we weren’t able to get that information in your hands before rolling up Saturday morning.

Another twist came at me early Saturday morning on the way in to work.


I fortunately was able to get all the way to work so I could fire up the cooker in time to get lunch ready. I was a little jealous at that moment of Swonke’s transportation to work.


Changing a tire on gravel sucks, so I got Chris to do it for me. Ha ha. Actually Chris; aka Marlboro Man, wouldn’t let me do it. You know Chris. He tends the pit, cleans tables, wears a cowboy hat, and will tell you about our place. He’s a good kid. He’s treats people like lots of people in Tomball treat others. Always willing to lend a helpful hand.

It was a long exhausting week and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. Making chocolate and barbecue for you is some serious fun. Thanks to all who continue to support us.

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott




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