Dust In The Wind

Last Wednesday night Michelle and I were watching our pool fill up with tree debris. We have one of those oak trees that drops as much organic matter in the Spring as the new leaves are budding as it drops in the fall when it sheds all its leaves. There is a great branch that sprawls out over the pool. This tree branch comes in pretty handy in August. It is not so handy in the early Spring and Fall as tree debris will fill our two skimmer baskets with work in minutes.

With the hours we keep these days running The Craftory, we decided to hire a new pool guy. Michelle is still doing the old pool guy, but he was slacking on his pool cleaning duties. The old pool guy was known to spend more time sipping dirty martinis while considering the work that needed doing as opposed to actually doing the work he claimed would get done after enjoying a martini dirtier than a politician.

The new pool guy cleans the pool every Tuesday. His company has a policy against sitting on Adirondacks, sipping martinis, and just observing the required work so the pool does indeed get a proper weekly cleaning. On Wednesday Michelle’s comment too me was “now the new guy ain’t doing his job either”. This was an accusation in response to the observation that by Wednesday the pool was already filled with tree debris again.

As we sat there sipping on a Michelle hand crafted whiskey drink on a breezy night we observed a constant barrage of flying organic matter landing in our pool. Tree debris was raining into the pool at a brisk pace, so after thoughtful and considerable examination Michelle cut the new pool guy some slack. The old pool guy didn’t always benefit from such generosity, which is a misguided perception as he always has clean underwear in his underwear drawer. I’m reminded of this when I don’t feel like going to pick up a take out dinner.

Tree pollen and other flying organic matter dominated the scene last week.

We needed more towels than ever. I didn’t have to look far to find supplemental towel inventory to help with all wipe down tasks.

The little hold down chains can only hold down a paper towel so long. It’s pretty funny to watch a spinning roll of paper towels gain momentum and overcome the friction of the chain as the “sail” gets longer. The towel roll will start to turn kind of like Quint’s fishing reel in Jaws where it inched just a little as a tell of what was to come next.

Then a wind gust suddenly strikes the paper towel sheet making the whole roll spin out of control until it reaches death which is a little less dramatic than getting eaten by a Great White shark on a sinking undersized shark catching boat. But make no mistake about it. The paper towel roll met a premature death. We’re gonna need a bigger paper towel hold down chain is what I was thinking while observing the paper towel reel off.

Spinning paper towel rolls couldn’t have worked out better as we needed a lot of towels to pair with the full pallet of table cleaner we had a truck drop off earlier in the week. The pollen was winning. I heard a few frustrated outbursts from patrons and staff members.

With so much stuff flying around, allergy sufferers were getting their sneeze on.

Puffy eyes were observed on many a sufferer.

Many just had to grin and bare it.

I am a fortunate one. I don’t suffer from seasonal allergies, but I am a allergy sufferer sympathizer. I can see why people are bothered by the stuff in the air we breathe.

Can’t imagine how those little microscopic dudes would bug anyone. Those microscopic organism that look like WWII era war ship booby traps make me want to sneeze just looking at them.

Look closer and try to imagine this instead.

It made me feel a little better anyways, but don’t over do it.

Take in enough of that stuff and sensible responses will depart when reacting to yet an even deeper layer of allergens.

About the only thing I am really allergic to these days is a social media rant.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. In an effort to find relief from my social media rant allergies I will occasionally take whiskey medicinally.

I felt the need to be transparent about that anyways. I do monitor my dosages responsibly.

Last week was unusual is many ways. We had the Sam Houston trail ride and Tomball Little League parades in the same week. That was not the case last year. I looked it up.

Speaking of little…we use a linen service for kitchen rags and aprons. The aprons are supposed to be uniform but there are times when a previous user modified one for their own personal sizing needs. Occasionally I get an apron that appears to have last been used by Vietnamese noodle house cook.

Sometimes I end up with no room for knots at the end of my apron string. Last week I bumped into skinny cook aprons almost as often as I cleaned pollen from table tops. Just once I’d like to see one of those skinny ass noodle house cooks try to tie an apron around the love handles I’m working with. Why is it that everything I have to cinch up cinches up where I am the widest? It’s like tying a rope around the center of a pumpkin. It’s very cruel when you think about it. I pictured noodle house cooks snickering at me from kitchens all over H-Town. I just marked it down as a long run of short luck regarding the small apron string conspiracy for this week.

We had been wondering what to expect last week with the beginning of Lent thinking that chocolate might be on some folks sacrifice list. By the time we got to Friday, we noticed that chocolate was not on many lists for this year.

The truffle rollers couldn’t keep up regardless. Inventory was back up to normal levels on Saturday so a nearly empty display was temporary. We sold more chocolate truffles on Saturday than the previous two Saturdays. We’ll just keep guessing.

We offered smoked salmon on Friday as a salad or as tacos like these.

That is a watermelon radish garnish on the taco in case you was curious. It has a very mild radish taste with a clean & crisp flavor. It went well with the salmon, tomato, and capers. We will have these on Fridays during Lent.

Saw Billie the alley cat hanging out one morning with another business over at Gina’s. Come on Ms. Gina. Don’t get carried away feeding Billie. That cat has alley cat work to do.

That little cat is loyal to all alley occupants.

A couple of weeks ago we put out information about the PTSD Foundation and Camp Hope.

I noticed that some people are taking advantage of the contact info anyways. Glad to see this is happening and we hope someone is getting the assistance they deserve.

And finally, we finally got around to getting rid of the tarp covering the front part of the cooker. I like the way this turned out.

The side patio looks like a nice spot to relax for a spell. You might have to catch a paper towel and wipe the pollen off a table in case we missed one.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to see you around soon okay.

Cheers! Scott


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