Double Monday – Week 1

The great thing about week 1 of 2014 is that there were essentially two starts to the week. Just getting started can be the hardest thing sometimes. Week 1 was good practice with Monday and Thursday that felt like Monday.

Starting, stopping, and starting again the process of chocolate making is not so easy. The week for us ends up focusing on molding bars, scheduling for January, and getting two new accounts squared away. All very solid activities.

Highlight for the week — I got to have breakfast with the family who runs a cacao farm in Bahia Brazil. Jim and Lola Lucas of Venturosa Farms were in Houston visiting family. They happen to produce gorgeous cocoa beans. Jim has put a lot of innovation into fermenting, drying, and sorting cocoa beans. They brought 30 lbs of beans with them for me to test. Their cocoa beans are BY FAR the cleanest and defect free beans we work with. Can’t imagine a better start to the year.

The week also brought us Black Eyed Pea Gate. Us southerners like to eat black eyed peas on New Years Day for good luck.


Michelle bought some fresh black eyed peas from HEB. While I was attempting to break the sofa with my ass watching football and outdoor hockey on TV Michelle keep telling me “these peas are not getting tender”. Normally you can cook fresh peas in about an hour, but these have been cooking for several hours.

Turns out HEB customers all over were having the same problem. Folks got on their Facebook Page and let them have it.

OMGoodness. What happened to the fresh black eyed peas? So disappointed. They never would soften up. Hope this isn’t an omen!! ” — Julie in Elgin, TX

I ate black eyed peas that had the texture of gravel. The question is — did I do this because I wanted good luck, feared bad luck, or because I had plenty of fresh home made bacon bits to put on top?

We all have to make these decisions for ourselves now don’t we.

Writing the number 2014 seems new and sexy for some reason. I thought 2013 was ugly. Not the year, the number. I’m not really a big New Year resolution guy because I usually just resolve to do things I should be doing everyday anyways. I did; however, find a few things for me to resolve that do merit special awareness.

I resolved to conduct a study to see if daily consumption of dark chocolate will help to alleviate road rage. It hasn’t worked for me yet, but on the second Monday of this week I did stop myself from flipping off a person in a rusted 1993 Buick who was yapping on the phone, smoking, and doing a head lice check in the visor mirror while driving 36 in a 45 right in front of me.

More study is needed.

I resolved to never criticize, condemn, or complain. Dale Carnegie is right, and I am normally this way so this one is a lay up for me. To keep things interesting, should someone catch me slipping up I will give them a chocolate bar.

This includes me not emulating Michelle’s version of “Expressing”. She’s tricky like that.

I resolved to poke fun of others by poking fun at myself first. Another lay up for me and backed up by free chocolate again.

Pay attention chocolate lovers. This could be our year together. Should I fall I will lift you up with good chocolate.

PNG 64 is available next week. It’s fabulous. Trust me.

Cheers! Scott

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