Deja Vu All Over Again

Wednesday morning I was listening to the fishing show on the way into The Craftory. This is where I often find sufficient infotainment for the day. The show hosts and their call in fishing guides were talking about the week’s weather forecast. A system could bring northern areas of Texas 8 – 10 inches of rain later in the week with flood watches likely coming again is what they were talking about.  Did I hear that right? That can’t be possible can it? How many 500 year rain events are we going to have this year is what I was contemplating on the commute in that morning.

Sometimes I’m a little blurry brained in the early morning. I wanted a piece of that alarm clock Bill Murray smashed every morning in the movie Ground Hog Day.


I’ve got your “I’ve Got You Babe” right here bubs. I heard the weather forecast and darn near smashed my iPad because I use the retro flip clock app for my alarm.

The fishing guides, like me, were hoping weather forecasters would be up to their usually unreliable predictions. The week rolled out like this…

Hump Day

Wednesday was post oak delivery day. That’s what two full cords in a trailer looks like.

IMG_6271 IMG_6273

We use post oak for its mild smokey flavor. Some serious stacking was on tap for Wednesday evening. Truth is, I sip on a beer and watch the Chumley family wood supply business do their thing.

The sweet aroma of post oak filled the alley behind The Craftory. Poking around the pile I found this log.


This tree had a firm grip on an old railroald spike that was probably used for a deer stand. We’re gonna pass on burning this one.

Rain Delay

For the longest time on Thursday a line of really severe storms was peppering areas just north of us.


We thought for awhile that maybe we were going to dodge a bullet.

BBQ Queen Michelle was cranking out hand rolled truffles.


I helped out with a beer delivery of fun size cans.


Then the line of storms slipped down into Tomball.


Our pit tender Chris was manning his post with ferocious dedication. While our cooker has a roof and some walls, it ain’t exactly weather proof. Tending to fires and briskets in down pours is wet business. Chris killed it Thursday evening.

Friday morning I discovered Our seasonal “Lake Tejas” was back at pool level. A cane pole and bobber seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn’t until sometime on Saturday that I learned Lake Tejas was child’s play compared to the flooding some people and area businesses were dealing with. We got lucky again.


There was some sunshine Friday morning. The forecast I heard on the radio that day called for a slight chance of moderate afternoon showers.

Starting around lunch time on Friday, the moderate showers showed up.

IMG_6305 IMG_6301

Those that managed their way in for lunch enjoyed some barbecue in one of our dry dining areas.


Even a Mickey Mouse umbrella will do for dedicated meat heads and chocoholics.


The rain on Friday would not let up.


The red and purple blobs were back again moving painfully slow across my iPhone screen.

As part of our community out reach program we like to provide trash bags for SUDS (severely umbrella disadvantaged sausages).


Jacob and Doug signed up as official spokesmen for the program.

By late Friday afternoon pit tender Chris was back on his torrential post weathering the weather.


The kid somehow kept the blue smoke flowing with purpose regardless of rain totals.


The power flickered off for a few minutes and our TV signal was blinded by wet air waves.


Hunger and boredom led me to ask Josh make a chop brisket patty melt. He nailed it.


Holy caramelized onions that was tasty. That is what happens during a rain delay.

By early Friday evening the skies began to clear.


The waters in Old Town Tomball began to retreat.


But the damage from over loaded area creeks was yet to come. Some people were in the middle of getting re-flooded.  I hate that for them.

Picture Day

Organizers of the Memorial Day Weekend chili cook off were forced to cancel yet another Tomball event. That’s three events cancelled this year I believe. We started hearing stories about how people couldn’t get around town so we closed early on Friday. We decided to go ahead and open for breakfast Saturday morning anyways thinking by morning things would be getting back to normal. Saturday morning for many people north us was far from normal. This drone video footage will give you a good look at what happened.

Saturday at The Craftory rolled on with those that were able to move around town. Some tacos were enjoyed and donuts brought smiles.


Bringing smiles to the kitchen was a couple of cowboy hat wearing Houston Barbecue Festival PR cats snapping some pictures of meat.


JR Cohen and Michele Arra visited us to deliver our banner and to experience The Craftory on a Saturday.


JR is pretty handy with a phone camera.

brisket beefshort2 salad scottandgreg

With warmer weather comes shorts sporting pasty winter white legs. Didn’t realize it was going to be picture day.

One more note about the HouBBQ dudes. These two meat heads are large men.


It’s not like I’m a shrimp you know. I felt a little small when I saw this.

The dish of the day went to Brett Trevino of Absolute Physique, our neighbor to the south of us. Brett had us take a carrot souffle’ and cover it with pinto beans stacked with chopped brisket.


We called it the Absolute Stack. Brett said the sweet treat of carrot souffle’ at the end of protein pile up was a solid meal. At The Craftory we like our proteins sliced and chopped instead of shaken or stirred.

The picture of the week came from Mark Wagner on Instragram as @di9its.


Great shot Mark. You’ve got a $10 gift card waiting for you.

Another fascinating week is the books. Thanks to all the visited us. I hope everyone is okay out there dealing with all this water. It’s pretty nuts to think about how many times we’ve been through this stuff.

See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott


















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