Dark Joy


That’s a complicated word for me.

Thoughts that jump into my head are:

This movie is dark.  As in sinister, evil, or perhaps depressing.

This time of year I go to work in the dark.  I go home in the dark.

Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day – “its going to be a long, cold, dark winter”.

Dexter has a “dark passenger” that makes him kill people.

Dark Deco is a style of animation used in the making of Batman…the cartoon series.

The less expensive but more flavorful part of poultry.

The word dark is so darn devious.

If the word dark, when not referring to colors or tasty poultry portions, tends to have a meaning distant from peace and happiness, then how did chocolate latch onto the word Dark as the way to describe the content of cacao?  I really don’t have a great answer as to how this happened other than dark chocolate is simply darker in color and easier to fit on a label than Very High Cacao Content Chocolate.

Speaking of labels.

It’s funny how labels can need sub categories to further define the genre.

First there was chocolate.  Then there was milk chocolate.  Then there was dark chocolate to define chocolate without milk.

Its kind of like : First there was coffee, then coffee and cream, then black coffee, and then double decaf lactose free latte’.

Speaking of Coffee.

Coffee gets cool nick names like Java, Cup of Joe, and Jitter Juice.

Chocolate is jealous.

You can even use coffee to deploy a fun joke like;

“Sally was so anxious about opening the letter she got from the IRS that she was making the coffee nervous”.

Chocolate is even more jealous.

I don’t know any good clean chocolate jokes or have any nifty nick names.  I’m looking, so fill me in if you’ve got one.

Dark chocolate lovers need to pool some resources here.   Seems like we could come up with a more meaningful term and a handful of nick names that take our mind straight to the sensory joy of eating well made chocolate.  Dark just isn’t cutting it for me. Neither is milk for that matter.  Milk chocolate is being elevated in flavor too you know.

Artisan Chocolate used to be pretty good until the word was hijacked by Megatron Manufacturers.

Craft Chocolate is a nice label, but for me this term has a wee bit of a deliberate almost uppity feel to it.  It’s how I feel when some lump head friend of mine asks me how much my candy bar costs.

Candy is so beneath me now.

Some really smart people that know us, and what we do very well now, still inquire about our candy bars.  It’s in their DNA forever I reckon.

The definition part of great dark chocolate seems easy anyways.

______ Chocolate – “Skillfully crafted chocolate that reveals an extraordinarily high level of quality in flavor, aroma, texture, and color.”

Craft Chocolate certainly fits here.  Until something better pops up that’s what we’ll run with anyways.

I started down this road of dark for a reason that escapes me at the moment.


An article about the healthy benefits in chocolate hit the Huffington Post today that grabbed my attention.  The qualifier in terms of good health by way of chocolate was that the gains come from the dark stuff.   We’ve heard about the good in dark chocolate before.

What caught my attention in this story was the writer’s suggestion for enjoying good chocolate.   She suggests good health can indeed simply come from moments appreciating something well made.

Want better health? Eat better chocolate.

That was easy.

Let craft chocolate take your senses for a joy ride baby.

Stop and eat the chocolate my friends.

The roses will be back next Spring.

On your side,


good friends~good chocolate




3 Responses to “Dark Joy

  • A. Elliott
    5 years ago

    How about “Fashioned” or “Hand Fashioned”

  • I had to laugh when I read that people ask how much your candy bars are. That must drive you completely crazy! Personally I don’t think we need to go looking for new labels to describe chocolate. Coffee is so everyday, chocolate is more special somehow.

  • Dan Day
    5 years ago

    “Custom Blended” – Evokes a barista-level of expertise.
    “Specially Compounded” a little historic and sort of a chemistry vibe.
    Those are two that popped in my head.

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