Cozy Start

A little winter weather finally showed up this week.  Like a good Texan should do, I fussed about cold mornings and chilly afternoons.  In Houston, when the afternoon temps stay below 50, the cold can seep deep into your bones and stay for awhile.  It’s that wet cold working on you that can be hard to shake.  Although, I am happy to trade El Nino for a Polar Vortex any year, so my mild belly aching faded quickly.

The cold always seems to feel colder when everything looks cold.  While we didn’t get to see any frozen stuff to make me feel all wintry, I did see some trees around The Craftory that put the mood on me.




On New Years Day I caught a perfect Blue Hour evening at The Craftory.  It made me feel like taking a long nap by a fire.  Wish I’d taken the time to snap some more pictures on this blue twilight.


The trees above The Black October are still dropping their leaves.


It’s one thing to wake up to a chilly morning knowing that the sun will warm your back later, but when it’s cold and grey all day your innards will eventually need some warming help. Lots of folks found themselves in the mood for hot chocolate and coffee on the first Saturday of 2016.



Coffee Bloom

The sound of someone ordering a hot chocolate and a pound of sliced brisket to go is rather unique.  Our theory is that in almost every household there is at least one chocoholic and one meat head.

The master plan is working.


Thanks to all that visited us this week.  You helped give the neighborhood Craftory a warm and cozy start for 2016.

A pretty solid way to spend some time on a January day.



May 2016 burn warmly for you.

Cheers! Scott

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