ChocolateFest Grapevine, TX

ChocolateFest in Grapevine, TX is an annual fund raising event for Traveler’s Aid DFW.  Tammy Hingtgen, Director of Operations, discovered us last fall at Dallas Chocolate’s annual Chocolate Conference & Festival.

When Tammy contacted us asking if we would like to participate in this year’s (9th annual) event it was an easy Heck Yes.

The first part of the event was An Evening of Wine and Chocolate held at Delaney Vinyards.

Wine + Chocolate = Happiness.

Evening Of Wine and Chocolate

You can see that we were under a tremendous amount of pressure.


Delaney Vineyards has a really nice room for such events.  Wine barrels, wood rafters, brick walls, and a patio by the vineyard sets the mood nicely.  Oh, and the space mildly vibrated with live jazz, and the occasional break out of Mo Town by Rob Holbert and Mirage.  These guys know what they are doing.

Wine + Chocolate + Jazz = Unbridled Happiness

We were pushing chocolate, drinking wine, sampling treats, easing into a jazzy zone, and tipping the band with chocolate tasting squares.

I gravitated towards Delaney’s Texas Claret.  A really nice blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot grapes.  The cherry and raspberry notes of this wine proved to be a great companion for our Capistrano and/or La Bahia dark chocolates.

About 600 very intelligent people came out to experience this event.  We were dishing out tasting buttons of our Founder’s Blend dark chocolate and Tres Leches dark milk chocolate.

We took an informal poll from the attendees, and by an over whelming majority it was deemed that the world and its collective troubles could just kiss our cacao for the night.

Saturday morning the Tejas Chocolate party destroyed the free breakfast bar at the Holiday Inn Express.  I kind of felt bad for the children there that had to see that.  With a mostly wine and chocolate diet the night before, a free breakfast bar is exposed to these dangers.

ChocolateFest continued on Saturday with a Day of Chocolate and Art held at the Palace Arts Center in downtown Grapevine, TX.

ChocolateFest Grapevine 2013

Downtown Grapevine is cool.  Way cool.  We must return soon and take time to explore.

Palace Arts Center is another great venue for such events.


Wood, Brick, Copper, Chocolate, and Happy Campers.

We didn’t feel the need to conduct the informal poll again.  The previous night’s result carried over and was seemingly unanimous.

We got ready to dish out more chocolate.

Day of Chocolate and Art

And dish out we did.

Pushing Chocolate


Michelle was on sample reload duty… continuously.

Chocolate Sampling Caos

Somewhere north of 1,000 folks saw the light and came on by.  These people were happy.  It was a good day.

We found many people who agreed that cocoa beans gently caressed with sugar reveals true chocolate character in wondrous bounty.

Then there were the questions.  All of them welcomed, answered, and noted.

Do you make chocolate with Habenero?

Do you make chocolate with Cayenne?

Do you make chocolate with chilies?

Do you make chocolate with Jalapeno?

We were starting to pick up on a trend.  Who knew my fellow Texans would inquire about such flavors.

Just by chance, the R&D lab at Tejas has been tinkering with such endeavors.

Hint:  Think about an annual event in Terlingua, TX that celebrates an iconic Texas dish.


We can’t say enough nice things about the group of volunteers for the event and how well organized the Traveler’s Aid staff was with putting on the ChocolateFest.

Our new pal Pamela  helped us dish, check off tickets, and pitch the chocolate world according to Tejas Chocolate.  Thank you Pamela.  Trust me.  Her deeds did reap benefits for her chocolate stash.

The event ended around 2:30 pm.  The car packed and ready to drive back to Houston around 3:30 pm.

One more thing left to do.  The Tejas clan had not seen food other than chocolate since 8:30 that morning.

Jakes Burger down the street never saw us coming.  It’s almost alarming how well red meat dripping in fat and gooey cheese paired with salty french fries can snap a person out of a chocolate and sugar induced coma.

It’s modern medicine I tell you.

Thank you Traveler’s Aid DFW.  Thank you Grapevine, TX.  Thank you to all the chocolate lovers who came by to see Tejas Chocolate.  We were delighted with the abundance of curious minds, and enthusiastic chocolate fans.

On behalf of daughter McKenzie and co founder Michelle,

Cheers! Scott





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