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This past week started off with a flattering article about our business in last Sunday’s paper by Houston Chronicle Barbecue Columnist J.C. Reid.  That’s right. The Houston newspaper has a reporter with the title of Barbecue Columnist. How awesome is that. Here is the article link. You might have to be a subscriber to read it.

Suggest you follow him on Twitter and/or Instagram for all the good barbecue news and pictures.

Folks showed up on Monday and Tuesday looking for barbecue. Hated to tell them we don’t start serving lunch until Wednesday. Telling a hungry person we don’t have any barbecue is not easy. I see why that Hangry expression was born.

Most everyone actually did take the news well and came back later in the week. A good Texan will invest extra effort into chasing down some good barbecue, and thanks to J.C. Reid we got off to a great start to the week.  Some foodie facebook groups also got us busy. Especially on Saturday with an impromptu foodie take over by The Tomball Vintage Park Foodie Group that Nick Rama organized. This was an awesome surprise and the group was a blast.  Thanks Nick!

The notifications on my phone were coming faster than I could handle. Ever try to swipe your iPhone on with rendered brisket fat on your fingers?  It’s tricky let me tell you.


Anyways, lets get on with the weekly pics.  We had messy kid faces everywhere.  Here were the few I caught plus some sent to us from happy campers.




Chocolate | Barbecue | Good Times

Some awesome doggies were working on their momma master out on the patio.


A little cool front on Friday brought in a little fall weather so we made some sipping chocolate.


We finally had a Saturday when it didn’t rain outside and we got busy.

The Chocolate truffle case looked like this Saturday morning.


Then by Saturday afternoon the chocolate case looked like this.


Then there was the barbecue.  Some great looking trays of barbecue were coming out of the kitchen real fast.


The cutting table with Chef Greg clicking on all cylinders putting some trays of barbecue in the pick up window.


On Saturday, we plum sold out of everything and had to break the news to some folks.

No one likes to see this sign.


We will soon be increasing our cooks once The Black October gets fired up next week.


We have more room on the pit for smoked meats so we shall try to figure out what is the right amount to cook, but there will be a day when we can only cook so much.


Thank you to all who came out to enjoy The Craftory this week to help support our business.  It really means a lot to us.

We finished off the week with a little celebration with family from here and out of town.

We had the chance to show out of town cousins the inner workings of The Craftory. IMG_4533

See that bald headed dude right there, his name is Kevin. I broke his collar bone rough housing one day when he was like 12 and I still laugh about it today.

It was great to spend time with our family, share The Craftory with them, and receive their well wishes for us. We are truly blessed.

Have a great week everyone.  Hope to see you soon.

Cheers! Scott

4 Responses to “Chocolate & Cute Faces | A Sunny Saturday | Social Media Buzz

  • Thanks for the shout out for Tomball/Vintage Park area Foodie Tasting and Deals page and including the picture of Zac eating one tasty rib! Everyone who came out really enjoyed the food, chocolates and your hospitality. Keep up the great work Greg, Micelle and Scott, you have a true gem there.

  • Norma Zinsmeyer
    2 years ago

    Congrats on your grand opening. Everything looks great & ummy!

  • The Bald Guy
    2 years ago

    I was 5 for the record.

    We had a great time. The Craftory is incredible! So excited to see what comes next. Luv y’all.

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