Born on Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!  Hope you are feeling the love today.  Michelle and I have felt the love from lots of chocolate fans in recent days.  With the story running in the Houston Chronicle we’ve been contacted by many chocolate lovers and that is simply awesome.  The best part of this week of sharing chocolate has been meeting so many wonderful wonderful people.  It’s been a real treat for us.

We wanted to share a brief Valentines Day story with you.   In April of 2009, on one of those days where you end up in a place you didn’t plan on being, we ended up at the Houston SPCA.  That morning while cutting the grass I found a wounded Blue Jay.  Michelle insisted we rescue this little creature and through the miracle of Google she found the wildlife rescue center in Houston.  I fussed and moaned and cried and belly ached in utter futility about driving all the way into town.  The little bird was by God going to the rescue and I could just shut up about it already.

But I got the last laugh on this one.  The wildlife rescue is right next door to the SPCA and I have been wanting to get a dog to join me on morning doggie walks.  You see, morning doggie walks ain’t much without a doggie to come along.  I was getting tired of  funny looks from neighbors while dragging along an empty leash.

“Did you loose your dog?”


“Why do you have a leash if you don’t have a dog?”

I’m practicing for when I talk Michelle into letting me get a dog for doggie walking.


Then the day came when a wounded Blue Jay delivered me right next door to the SPCA freshly armed with goodie points.  After an hour in one of the most heart breaking places you can visit sad face Michelle and I left with plans to pick up Cooper the next day.

Allow me to introduce you to Cooper Brown Dog.

They said he was six weeks old.  We counted backwards and got close enough the Valentines Day so we declared this day Cooper Brown Dog’s birthday.  Less than a week after bringing little Cooper home he came down with Parvo.  For those of you who don’t know Parvo is the death sentence for dogs more than 80% of the time.  I read a story from a breeder that you have to give them the will to live, so Michelle and I spent 3 days on the sofa holding Cooper.  We gave him IV fluids, beef broth, Pedialite, and a whole bunch of will to live, and it worked.

Happy to report today, on his 3rd birthday, that Cooper likes doggie walks in the morning, treats immediately after, and feels entitled to sleep on the bed.

Then in September of 2010, we decided Cooper needed a friend.  A high energy friend was needed as Cooper is an endless bundle of over excitement.  Except when he is sleeping which mercifully does happen.  Cooper has two speeds; warp drive and crash & burn.

For Coopers new pal, we tracked down Penny with All Border Collie Rescue in The Woodlands.  Penny rescues Border Collies from all over.  She finds foster homes and forever homes.  She does good work.

One of her newest additions was an 18 month old male named Gus.  Gus was a day away from meeting his maker in Sequin, TX when Penny came calling.

Allow me to introduce you to Handsome Gus.

They said Gus was 18 months old, so we did the math again, and his birthday landed on Valentines Day.   Cooper and Gus turn 3 today.   How about that.

I’ll you be the judge of how well these two are getting along.

Even though chocolate and doggies may not be so good for each other, Rescue Chocolate is putting money from chocolate towards saving doggies. That ain’t such a bad deal now is it.

Anyways,  Michelle and I can’t imagine life now without our two rescue doggies.  All four of us want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day.


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