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It’s Saturday morning.  Michelle is practicing her sleep in routine.  Gus, the Border Collie, is on full back yard squirrel patrol duty.  Cooper Brown Dog is not so patiently waiting for the pantry door to open where the doggie snack loot lay.  During my private little weekend morning hours, after I’ve been properly caffeinated and updated by way of online news, facebook scans, and twitter feeds I usually begin to consider the day ahead.  This morning is a little different.  This previous weeks events cause me to pause and consider what’s important.

Friday morning I made the mistake of turning on the TV.  One bad guy down, one bad guy on the loose.  A blast zone in West, TX.  Homes in ruin.  Bits and pieces of stuff everywhere.  It’s too much.  There’s a lot of suffering going on.  I hate it.

Then it looked as though the good guys where about to bust into a house and catch the second bad guy.  Cool.  I get to watch LIVE history just before work needed me.  There’s a news man talking, heavily armored police men with guns drawn, and you can hear gun shots.   I was just waiting for the scum bag to be dragged out to signal the end of a pursuit that started while I slept.  No such luck.  Any minute this will be over.  No such luck.  Crap, I’ve got to go work.

Streaming news on the PC at work kept me informed between the things I needed to get done.   Then I realized how many people in Boston weren’t getting anything done even though they would like to.  How frustrating for them.  Then a dose of perspective grounded me.  I thought about the folks who were getting very unpleasant things done whether they wanted to or not.  Things like taking medication for healing, planning for how they might walk across a room again, making final arrangements, and explaining to children why bad guys do what they do and why explosions sometimes happen.

My God, what is wrong with me.  People are trying to locate a sicko who likely has guns and/or bombs.  There are people sifting threw rubble in West looking for bodies.   Families are beginning to wonder what just happened to them.  Lots of folks having a really bad day.  My day and its distractions suddenly felt like a blessing.

Greg, Michelle, and I spent some time discussing these events.  The best we could come up with was “what in world is going on”?

Tend to your chocolate you silly chocolate makers.

Late in the day as I made ready to remove some chocolate from the conche, I made the mistake of seeing a reporter on my PC react to hearing shots being fired.  I had resigned myself to the notion the hunt for the coward in the white cap was going to go on well into the night.  I checked twitter, found a link to a police scanner in Boston, and suddenly became bolted to my desk chair.  Catch this guy already.  I’ve got a melanger to clean before cocktails and dinner hopefully.

There I go again.  More perspective please.  I tried to imagine the Russian Uncle barking at me “count your blessings boy”.  And he’d be right.  I am fortunate to have this Saturday to enjoy.

Some hard to wrap my mind around kind of things happened this past week.  But some things that make me feel good happened too.

Dedicated First Responders

Human Compassion

Proud Immigrants

Civic Pride


The Relentless Pursuit of Happiness

The whole range of emotions on display in one week.  My goodness.

Bless all those affected by these events.  Bless all those who are helping them.

I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I have the good fortune to feel this way all day everyday.


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