This week we were working with cacao from Dominican Republic.  We use these cocoa beans in several of our chocolate bars.  I love this cocoa bean.  It is certified organic, fair trade, and a pleasure to work with in every step.  It has such a nice classic chocolate toffee aroma and flavor. Michelle was lending me a hand in many ways.


This bean is in our Tres Leches dark milk chocolate which Michelle was molding for us this week.


Michelle was filling the racks quite nicely is what I was thinking.


When Michelle wasn’t working with chocolate she was answering questions about chocolate, or helping people get their chocolate boxes filled.  She’s a productive one I’d say.


Tricia took Tres Leches and made what we called PB Globes.  Tres Leches ganache and dark roasted peanut butter powder coating.  A round inside out peanut butter cup.  Our dark milk chocolates make such great rich truffles.  These were totally globular man.


Friday night I started seeing tweets about a new review by TMBBQ.


BBQ Bryan eats a lot of barbecue.  His monthly budget for it would cover your truck note.  Check him out here as he chases great barbecue.  I spelled his name wrong for twitter verse.  Sorry about that Bryan.  Go ahead a drop a T off of Scot.

It was exciting to see such a great review of our business by Daniel Vaughn, Barbecue Editor for Texas Monthly.  You can read it here. Daniel knows a lot about barbecue and has eaten at more places than any of us every will.

It’s hard to imagine that our Tejas Chocolate Craftory is listed under “Joints” on the TMBBQ site. I learned how to make chocolate starting with information found online and developed my own methods.  Chef Greg and I did the same thing with barbecue.  We paired his restaurant experience with my lust for setting fires.  Barbecue was a natural for us, but online information helped us develop our own methods.  The way we do our beef short ribs is one example of that.

We made a couple of tweaks to our short beef ribs.  First was a larger cut than previous that now has them weighing at about a 1/2 lb.  Then we introduced a new rub for them that is Salt, Cacao, Coffee and Ancho Chile.  The rib turned out great and people got to talking about them.


These beef short ribs were a hit and sold out before noon.

We will make more next Saturday but they will always be limited.  It’s a pit space issue.



On Saturday, before we let Chef Greg make his way to the cutting table where he does a stellar job cutting meats filling orders, he channeled his inner short order cook trying to keep up with breakfast taco orders.


We had decided to see what would happen if we opened early for breakfast tacos.  Chef Greg predicted we’d sell about 10 – 15 tacos on the first Saturday attempt.

Second order in was for a dozen to go.


Chef was deep in the weeds and looking like a flat top ninja.  We were making breakfast tacos fresh fresh. 68 of them for the morning.  Not a bad first stab at this.


Beef Short Rib, Egg & Cheese

We are trying decide if we should do this every Saturday morning.  What do you guys think?  We do need about 30 minutes or so to transition from breakfast taco production to serving barbecue at 11:00 am. We did sell out of tacos right at 10:30 anyway so it worked out great.  That 30 minute switch over is pretty frantic.

Saturday was busy all day right up until we sold out of barbecue around 1:30 pm.  We can make more, and we will trust me.  Our business is building and we will do our best to increase capacity in a way that preserves the quality while feeding more folks.  I hate telling someone we are out.  Hate it.


The Parker’s dog Zoey got to have a beef short rib bone.  She’s guarding it pretty close there.

I can’t handle the thought of a doggie like Zoey not getting a rib bone to enjoy so there’s a little motivation for us.

Smoke it for Zoey.  We need shirts.

Thanks to all who came out to visit The Craftory.  Hope to see you soon.

Cheers! Scott




2 Responses to “A TMBBQ Joint

  • Doug Green
    2 years ago

    I think you like telling me yall are out of chocolate squares every time I come in. 🙂

  • Aww my heart melted seeing my Zoey! Thank you and Thank you for making incredible BBQ and chocolates for all of us to enjoy!
    Smoke it for Zoey!

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