A super week

As hard as Houston worked all week to host the Super Bowl H-Town deserved a great game and did indeed get one for the ages. It was pretty neat to see such excitement around town during Super Bowl week. We got in on the fun with chocolate boxes for Nike guests, and barbecue at The Big Texas Party.

Buyers at some of Nike’s largest customers found 4 truffles waiting for them in their hotel room. I pictured a buyer from New York discovering giant chocolate truffles and fulfilling their cliche’ about everything is bigger in Texas.

We set up and served barbecue to all kinds of people at The Big Texas Party.

Even some Patriot fans.

Party goers were treated to beer barbecue and bourbon. A cameraman caught this one having a barbecue moment. Asking people to explain carrot souffle’ under the lights revealed natural reactions.

Our regulars know the addiction of carrot souffle’, so you can imagine how our Paul would wield this power to pick up party babes.

It seemed like every time I looked over at Paul’s carrot souffle’ station he was holding court with hot babes who were riding high on the fluffy orange addition.

I think Paul was offering double and triple portions for phone numbers but he’s not coming clean yet on that assessment of mine.

Meanwhile over on the meat table there was a lot of slicing going on by Chef Greg.

Smoked brisket and pork belly was a hit.

When someone wanted a plate without carrot souffle’ Norm wasn’t sure what to think about that.

I had fun messing with people reaching for the barbecue sauce before they even tried the meat. There were some funny looks shot my way, but I think I converted a few over to the easy on the sauce side of good barbecue.

It was a really loud and fun party. On my way out the door, Russel Roegels and I did the red carpet thing.

I checked out at around 10:00 PM. Greg, Norm, and Paul got back to The Craftory around 1:00 am to drop off the catering gear. It was a long day in the middle of a long week. Pit space was at a premium as we had a lot of meat to cook for the store and the party.

We had pork belly and brisket in every nook and cranny of the cooker day and night.

Earlier in the week the weather was just brilliant. It made for great picnic table eating for people and puppies.

This dog leaning in looking for a meal caught my eye, so I went over for a closer look.

Then I asked if the dog was going to get any carrot souffle’.

That’s a good one.

Well Billie the alley cat was hanging out at the picnic tables when I came in one morning.

Billie is getting pretty cozy and braver week by week I’ve noticed.

Perhaps the highlight of the week however was on Saturday. We were busy as it gets with a line back to the door all day. Then I saw a group of folks from Asia grab a table and send their scout into the line. I normally frown on folks grabbing tables before they’ve ordered food when we are busy like that. Sometimes it is hard for someone with a tray of food to find a seat. We were doing double time clearing tables.

Anyways, I saw the Asian group get a couple of trays of barbecue with no sides. Then I saw the scout who spoke pretty good English back at the end of the line. I came over and she said in her best Asian laced English “We got so excited about the meat, that we forgot to order side”.  I steered her over to chocolate register and got an order of sides in for them so they could bypass the line. I did it so their table would eat and get a move on so other people would have a place to sit and eat. She was very appreciative and we laughed about the best way to order barbecue meats.

Later the Asia table scout came over to ask if the folks in from China could take a picture with me. She said “we love your meat and want picture please”. I Damn near split a side when she said that. She also said it was the best meal they ever had in America. Now that’s a compliment.

So there you have it. We fed a group visiting from China. Some spoke English and some did not, but we did all share a hug. They initiated the hug. You know I’m not much of a huger so I was being extra nice.

Our Asia friends like our meat, a perfect ending to the week. I still get tickled at how much fun this group had at our place.

See ya soon okay.

Cheers! Scott

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