By the second night of our vacation I was up until midnight and sleeping in until eight thirty or nine o’clock in the morning. Slipping off into a late night late morning routine was alarmingly natural. I’ve convinced myself over the years that I am a morning person. I’ve always had jobs that required me to get going early. Once my kids got into school activities, I was dropping them off at school well before daybreak. Being used to getting up early in the morning was ruined during a one week vacation.

On the first morning of the back to work routine my iPad 2 and its alarm clock app were not a welcomed intruder into my REM sleep cycle. I did briefly consider making a YouTube video on how to disassemble an iPad in less than 25 seconds.


The main reason the iPad survived is because our two dogs, Cooper Brown Dog and Handsome Gus, use our iPad to stream music all day while Michelle and I are at work.


Cooper really enjoys a good pour over and a sweet potato biscuit while relaxing on memory foam listening to a song writer’s song on iHeart’s Coffee Shop Radio.

We used to let Gus and Cooper listen to Michael Berry and political talk radio all day, but that often created doggie arguments. Food and water bowls would get knocked around making big ugly messes. Reason being is that Cooper’s politics lean a little left and Gus’s lean a little right. They’d get themselves worked up into a growl over some ideological argument like whether or not dogs should be required to have photo ID’s on their dog collar in order to vote in the general K9 elections this fall. Coffee shop radio has proven to ease tensions when it comes to canine politics.

Back to it

That first morning back, while bitching to myself about feeling tired after a vacation, I zipped past Klein High School at 5:30 am and saw that the football stadium lights were on with a field full of football players dressed in pads practicing. It occurred to me at that moment that some mom’s & dad’s got out of a comfortable bed at probably around four in the morning to get their kid to school in time for a 5:00 am practice. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to pull over and capture this Friday Morning Lights moment in a photograph.

This last Friday evening when the first person walked into The Craftory sporting a bright red Tomball High School shirt it dawned on me that FOOTBALL is back. Then we got hammered with a pre game dinner crowd. We kind of fell asleep at the wheel on that Friday Night Lights deal. Tomball and Concordia were playing home games and it was awesome to see so many meat heads getting in a pregame visit to our place.  We sold out of barbecue about an hour before closing time. I reckon we will take a look at the local football schedules and adjust accordingly as best we can.

I was away for only a week, but it was nice to see these familiar sights again on Monday.

IMG_7266 IMG_7265 IMG_7267

On the front porch end table by the wooden bench I discovered a little rock with a message on it that was left here while we were away.


It really is one of the kindest things I’ve seen. A heart felt thank you goes out to the person that did this. It made us all feel great about what we are building here in Tomball.

We did take some good-natured ribbing for taking a week off.  We heard about a few special trips out to The Craftory only to discover we were closed. I did post the vacation dates everywhere I could, but its hard to get the word out everywhere.

Speaking of love, for 38 years Daniel and Debbie Noack have been in just that.


The Noacks came by Saturday morning for a breakfast taco on their 38th wedding anniversary.  Daniel said he’s banking on another 38 and Debbie seemed to agree with that plan.


Daniel is a talented carpenter.  He built our retail counters with high precision. He came by one day, took some measurements, and came back with counters to install that fit this old house like a glove. Daniel’s son Brandon built our kitchen door, grinding room wall, and White Room door & window. These guys are carpenters let me tell you. Tomball is fortunate to have these guys here building things.

Trash Talking

A senior group from Katy showed up at the opening bell on Wednesday.


One of the ladies told Norm that she’d never had food like this before. Norm asked what she enjoyed about lunch, and she replied “Oh no, I didn’t like it at all”.  Brutal honesty from Seniors and Kids is the best. God bless them. Especially the ones stuck living on a flat boring prairie like Katy. Those poor saps.  No wonder they don’t like anything. Katy is just a place you evacuate through when trying to get away from a hurricane.

Katy does win a lot of High School football championships so they have that going for them. They have plenty of very mature high school football players since it takes most of their kids 6 years to graduate from high school. Several of the senior players are of legal drinking age.

I kid you of course Katy. Don’t get your little red tiger panties all up in a wad, but that’s what you get for sending over one of your senior citizens to trash talk our barbecue. Come on Katy you can do better than that. Go plant a tree would you already.

There is one thing  for certain my good friends of Tomball. The Grand Parkway is an efficient way to get over to us, so we’d better get ready for people like those who live in Katy that want to upgrade their surroundings.

Gleanloch Farms is just the other side of the Grand Parkway from Tomball. This is a real nice neighborhood with pretty trees and people like The Real Housewives of Gleanloch. This group showed up on Friday for some barbecue, wine, and chocolate.


I kid these ladies of course because when they stormed the ordering counter it took us all a few minutes to recover from hurricane Gleanloch.  My honest opinion of the group was that these ladies are post modern mamma’s doing it all with family and careers.  This was a classy bunch of chics, with the good sense to not live in Katy.  That and they were just sharing a quality Friday afternoon together were my thoughts about hurricane Gleanloch.

I do however feel obligated to mention that during the photo alignment setting up activity one of the ladies did ask if she should show her boobs in order to help promote our business in various media platforms. I did call that bluff and the hand was folded.

It was at that moment that I never felt smarter about our business plan of pairing barbecue, chocolate, and wine. Perhaps we have created the perfect foodie Menaga a’ Trois. When meat heads figure out there are hot babes, beer, and perfectly rendered brisket in the same place we’re going to be busy.

The ladies left our chocolate display looking like this.


We were out of chocolate truffles, carrot souffle’, potato salad, green beans, cornbread pudding, barbecue, and time to get ready for Saturday. But ready for Saturday we were. Our entire staff just crushed it and put us back in business on everything. We made it until about 4:00 PM on Saturday before we literally sold out of everything.

We opened our doors on October 14, 2015. This is blog post number 41 since I decided to blog about our first year in business. Dave Matthews’ song #41 is a favorite of mine. A long jam with incredible violin and saxophone solos by amazing musicians highlight this performance on YouTube if you find about 11 minutes to enjoy.

It was our best revenue week yet. Can’t say thank you enough Tomball.  You too Katy. One of your seniors may not like our food and thinks we charge too much for chocolate, but we have your money in the end. You are welcome to come back anytime. We will break barbecue together. We might even let you park on our new black top.


See you around the hood.

Cheers! Scott












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  • Always an enjoyable read!! So happy to have y’all in our lives <3. Welcome home!!

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