290 Grind in Giddings, TX

When in Giddings, TX go to

290 Grind

290 Grind

In addition to a nice looking breakfast and lunch menu they’ll have daily specials like this grilled hot dog with pimento cheese & chow chow relish.

290DogTejas Chocolate sold separately

290 Grind has been there about two years now.  Chef Luke has been there about a year and he’s bringing it with fun dishes. 290 Grind is a welcome site for an old road warrior like me.  I remember when Giddings had lost most of its giddy up.  Things are better these days.  290 Grind is the kind of place that I’d plan my business travels around because its local and a refreshing departure from the highway chains that suck.

Chef Luke decided to work a little Tejas Chocolate into the mix with chocolate bars and ingredients for his baked goods.  We are excited to have this happen.

Don’t miss 290 Grind when in the area guys.  It’s a quality stop.

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